Gain Your Independence From Bad Software

This weekend, as we excitedly watch firework displays with a hot dog in one hand and sparklers in the other, we’re celebrating our independence from British rule.

But what does it mean to be independent? For our founding fathers, it meant breaking away from the tyrannical King George III and, “No taxation without representation!” You may be similarly frustrated when it comes to your pest control software provider. Is your voice being heard? Are you getting nickel-and-dimed all the time? Here are a few signs it may be time to gain your independence:

  1. No innovation. When was the last time you saw any new features or enhancements? How innovative is their roadmap? If they’re not continually updating and adding features, then they’re likely not going to remain relevant much longer. Unfortunately, this means your pest control business may not remain relevant either. 
  2. Little or no support. How quickly does your pest control software provider respond to your issues and requests? Are you on hold for long periods of time, or do they never respond to your email? Maybe they’re not communicating with you about new updates to their software or changes that will impact you. If any of these is true, that’s a major red flag, and you should be looking for an alternative solution. 
  3. Lack of value. It’s likely that over time, prices will slowly increase. But if you’re having to pay a small fortune every time you call into customer service or your subscription fees keep increasing every month, what exactly are you getting for your money? It could also be a sign that your pest control software provider is having financial difficulties. 
  4. They’re not invested in your success. As your pest control business continues to grow, your software provider should be able to grow with you. They should understand your business and help you deliver value to your customers by making it easy for them to pay online, write a review, or schedule services through their customer portal. If your current pest control software doesn’t provide this, then they’re holding you back. 
  5. Their network is old. Is their network always down, which means you and your customers can’t log in to the system? This makes you look bad and frustrates your customers when all they want to do is pay their bill.  In the end, switching pest control software providers is not an easy decision, but it could be the right move for your business. In the words of Bob Marley, “It takes a revolution to create a solution.” 

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