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Use interactive dashboards to measure performance, track schedules, and manage profitability. Address issues before they turn into problems and gain a better understanding of business health.

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Establish metrics that matter and gain immediate insights with real-time data that promote efficiency and growth.

Customizable View

Customizable View

Switch between graph and chart formats to deliver an overview of your business’ health with selectable widgets that provide in-depth data when you need it.


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How our customers drive success

"I do like the dashboard. You get a quick glance. I can get different kinds of reports that I want to see. I feel the numbers are more accurate than they were with the previous software.”

Fred WilleyOwner at Invader Pest Management

“The ease of reporting is really probably the biggest one, or the ability to communicate a clear report to the customer.”

Trevor JonesGeneral Manager at Admiral Pest Control

“Our three major departments probably get 25 KPIs a month that are reported out of that department. And it's all from the reporting that is stemming from Field Routes.”

Kyle SelbachDirector of Operations at All "U" Need Pest Control