FieldRoutes Supports Your Right To YOUR DATA

A Core Value Declaration

Do the right thing. Act with integrity and honesty.

This commitment is boundless. We will work to help any customer who chooses to leave FieldRoutes for another software provider by delivering the support they need to exit smoothly and avoid unnecessary delays and exorbitant fees that can harm the health of their business.

This begins with our promise to do the right thing for the industries we serve. We openly share our six commitments to acting with integrity and honesty in support of the customers’ right to leave.


1. Enable our customers  a self-serve way to extract customer information (name, address, email, account  balance, +120 other fields) at any time via a  CSV file directly from the software free of charge

2. Also provide  comprehensive data extracts of all customer  information free of charge in the context of  migrating to a competitor (competitors charge  up to $1,500 for this) 

3. “Co-term” customer  agreements to align all modules and aspects  of the software with the original renewal date  of the master agreement 

4. Provide customers transitioning to a competitor with their payment tokens from FieldRoutes Payments within 10 business days of the request (competitors take up to 90 days)


5. Charge customers  for extraction of their payment tokens from  FieldRoutes Payments 

6. Terminate payment  processing until a customer has successfully migrated to another software provider 

FieldRoutes invites ALL software providers in the pest control and lawn care industries to join our pledge.  FieldRoutes invites ALL pest control and lawn companies to ask their software provider these questions. 

If you need help obtaining YOUR DATA, FieldRoutes can help. 

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An End-To-End Solution

And when you combine the Marketing Suite with the FieldRoutes Operations Suite, you will experience a seamless integration that includes scheduling, routing, and automation—tools that simplify your process and keep costs down.

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