Getting Paid Has Never Been Easier

When you’re looking to grow your business, you can’t afford a laid-back approach to payments and collections. You need an easy way to see who hasn’t paid you, how long they’ve been delinquent, and you need tools to help you do something about it. We’ve got you covered.

fieldroutes employee and payment reports

FieldRoutes helps field service companies simplify, scale, and grow.

Automate Manual Processes

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Your payment processor should make things easier for you, not waste time trying to find new ways to bite into your hard-earned profits. We bring real value to the table with groundbreaking technology solutions that help you get paid faster and reduce delinquencies.

  • Automatically update lost, stolen, expired, and closed payment card information  
  • Leverage autopay technology to add convenience and consistency to your process  
  • Expedite your process by batching payments into groups

FieldRoutes Payments helps you avoid the risks of lost, stolen, or expired credit and debit cards.  

Enable Online Payments

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Give your customers an easy way to settle their accounts with an online portal that lets them make quick and convenient online payments. The FieldRoutes Customer Portal adds professionalism to your operations by giving your customers a handy place to view invoices, subscriptions, appointments, and service notifications.

  • Set up customers automatically to maximize enrollment and keep things simple 
  • Send automated communications that guide customers to the portal and prompt them to pay  
  • Provide an easy way for customers to update payment methods and set up autopay

Simplify Your Process

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We keep things simple, easy, and straightforward so you can focus on growing your business instead of dealing with unnecessary complications. Plus, our dedicated support team is based in the U.S. and ready to help you with any questions you may have. 

  • One, simple rate with no hidden fees 
  • Full integration with our operations suite provides access to advanced collection tools and automated communications 
  • Enhanced reporting eliminates the guessing game about why an ACH payment was returned 

FieldRoutes Payments Helps You Avoid the Risks of Lost, Stolen, or Expired Credit and Debit Cards

Did you know:

  1. 1/3 of cards are reissued each year1
  2. 35% of cardholders forget to update their card information with at least one merchant experience2
  3. 38% of customers whose new card information wasn’t updated felt they had a negative merchant   experience2
  4. Merchants experience over $5,000 in lost revenue each year due to outdated payment card information3
  5. Merchants have to contact customers 2-3 times to update their card details before services are canceled2
  6. Contacting customers about their card details takes an average of 12 minutes per customer2
  7. It cost an average of $50 to update a customer account2

1 U.S statistics, cited in a study by Auriemma Consulting Group – Automatic Recurring Card Payments, Cardbeat US, Issue 5 2016
2 U.S statistics, cited in Credential-on-file Pain Point Research conducted by Engine Group, Inc., June 2018
3 Internal 12-month study of FieldRoutes clients not using Account Updater