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Learn how FieldRoutes has helped field service businesses increase efficiencies, increase revenue, and lower customer acquisition costs. 

Awards And Accolades

Our awards and accolades are a reflection of our customers’ success. We’re proud to provide the technology needed to add efficiencies to their operations and marketing solutions to help them acquire new customers.

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Our Customers Are Raving About FieldRoutes

Don’t take our word for it. Listen to what our customers have to say about their experience with FieldRoutes. 

Get to know our customer, Green Machine Pest Control. Find out about their business and their experience with FieldRoutes.

Cory Hodnett

Green Machine Pest Control

Hear Anthem Pest Control's story and how utilizing FieldRoutes has changed their business for the better.

Ben Morgan

Anthem Pest Control

Get to know Fox Pest Control and find out how implementing FieldRoutes® software continues to help them grow their business.

Bryant White

Fox Pest Control

What is the customer migration experience? Walt “Cash” Register of Augustine Exterminators, Inc shares his exceptional experience in switching to FieldRoutes with customer service, hands-on customer care, business growth, and the widget page (customer dashboard).

Walt "Cash" Register

Augustine Exterminators, Inc.

You can experience superior customer support from your pest control software provider and grow your business. Mike Deck of Accurate Termite & Pest Solutions shares his experience with FieldRoutes customer service and the hands-on customer care he received.

Mike Deck

Accurate Termite & Pest Solutions

You deserve pest control software that makes your life easier. Ben Sowards from Barrier Pest Control speaks to the time he has saved and how he enjoys the efficiencies he has gained by using FieldRoutes pest control software.

Ben Sowards

Barrier Pest Control

Switching pest control software can make your life easier. Lisa Gartner of Bill’s Pest & Termite shares about the superior customer service from FieldRoutes. She also talks about the ease of communication and increased efficiency she gained after switching.

Lisa Gartner

Bill’s Pest & Termite

Powerful automation from your pest control software provider can increase productivity. Liz Plunkett of Green Pest Solutions speaks to her experience. Since switching to FieldRoutes, they’ve eliminated tasks that are now executed with automation tools.

Liz Plunkett

Green Pest Solutions

Your business is complicated. Software shouldn’t be. Sandra Plants of Integrity Pest Management speaks to the ease of learning the FieldRoutes pest control software. FieldRoutes also helped them go paperless, creating cost savings and helped grow their business.

Sandra Plants

Integrity Pest Management

The right pest control software can help you get your life back. Luke Lewis of Native Pest Management shares how FieldRoutes helped save him time by eliminating manual billing and how the operations and marketing solutions helped him grow his business.

Luke Lewis

Native Pest Management

“FieldRoutes saves me a lot of time, so it makes me a lot of money.” Shawn White shares how FieldRoutes™ pest control software helped Pisgah Pest Control grow. Shawn speaks on his favorite aspects of FieldRoutes software and why he feels it’s a complete package.

Shawn White

Pisgah Pest Control

Kyle Turner from Pro Active Pest Control says FieldRoutes™ software is the best option for a pest control company. Watch Kyle share his experience with FieldRoutes and how it has helped Pro Active grow.

Kyle Turner

Pro Active Pest Control

The team at FieldRoutes is the best! I've used several softwares during my time in the industry and I have to say that FieldRoutes is the hands down the best. We started using them two years ago and the growth of the system amazes me! The team is always pushing forward and deals with probably their most difficult customer with ease (us at TruForce)! We always have little things we'd like to see and I can't tell you how many beta versions we've had! Don't go anywhere else trust me!

Travis B.
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The Power Of Integration

miche pest case study shaking hands

With both the FieldRoutes Operations and Marketing Suites working together, Miche Pest Control has never looked better. Since implementing FieldRoutes, Miche Pest Control has:

  • Increased its online purchasing revenue by 11%
  • Raised its average monthly invoice by 10.23%
  • Increased its average amount of payments by 10.52%
  • Decreased its average cost per customer by 29%
  • Increased its marketing ROI by 107%

More than 1,700 companies trust FieldRoutes to manage their business!

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Even The Playing Field With Powerful Software

The FieldRoutes™ platform helps field service companies simplify, scale, and grow. Schedule a personal, one-on-one demonstration and learn how our innovative solutions can help you grow your business!

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