Miche Pest Control Case Study

The power of integration has created a fully supported pest control business for Thomas Miche.

September 19, 2021
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Miche Pest Control Case Study


Increased its online purchasing revenue by 11%


Raised its average monthly invoices by 10.23%


Increased its average amount of payments by 10.52%

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The power of integration has created a fully supported pest control business for Thomas Miche.

About The Company

“I love it!” These were Thomas Miche’s (owner of Miche Pest Control) first words when asked about his experience partnering with FieldRoutes™. Prior to launching his own pest control business in 2019, Thomas had experience utilizing the FieldRoutes® operations suite. He found it so effective that he couldn’t imagine using anything else when it came to his own business. While he was familiar with other pest control management software platforms, he found FieldRoutes the most intuitive.

The Challenge

From the company’s inception, Thomas knew that he wanted to work with a marketing partner who would allow him to handle pest control while they handled the marketing expertise. Already working with the FieldRoutes operations suite to automate his pest control business, Thomas understood that the FieldRoutes sales and marketing suite would seamlessly integrate with the software and provide him greater insight into the lifecycle of his customers.

The Solution

While he had not previously worked with the FieldRoutes sales and marketing suite, Thomas was aware of the seamless integration between the two suites that provides a complete end-to-end solution. FieldRoutes began by building Miche Pest Control’s website. It implemented search engine optimization (SEO) best practices and the Sell Services Online feature that enables Miche Pest Control’s customers to book services online. By implementing the FieldRoutes sales and marketing suite, Miche Pest Control has automated its lead generation process. This includes both outbound lead generation, like email-marketing and advertising, as well as inbound, which includes SEO, social media, and pay-per-click. The leads generated and sales made pull straight into its FieldRoutes platform. Additionally, the sales made through the website are scheduled directly onto technicians’ routes, which are themselves optimized by FieldRoutes. The automation continues with Trigger Rules within the FieldRoutes operations suite as Thomas can automate billing and collections. It creates a personalized delivery experience for both his customers and employees. Miche Pest Control customers are notified when a technician checks into their appointment, or a new customer can be sent a “thank you” text/email for signing up. Technicians are automatically sent a notification if a customer happens to cancel an appointment. Thomas says that his favorite part of using Trigger Rules is in his accounts receivable. He says there are no paper statements, and after the initial setup, there is zero work on his end—this equates to time and money saved.

The Impact

Together, FieldRoutes operations and sales and marketing suites help Miche Pest Control acquire new customers, provide superior pest control service, collect revenue, and view true ROI. Not only have the two suites been easy to integrate, but the FieldRoutes team has proven to be the experts that Miche Pest Control needed. The integration between the two suites has merged the management of both the front and back ends of Miche Pest Control. While it is the integration of the two platforms that allows Thomas to fully manage his business, the FieldRoutes Compass™ marketing portal shows him his return on investment. Miche Pest Control’s return on marketing spend is up by 107%, while the average cost per customer is down 29%. Miche Pest Control has increased its online purchasing revenue by 11%. The operations suite enables Miche Pest Control to take care of its customers efficiently. The sales and marketing suite helps attract new customers and shows the company the bottom-line benefit of integrating the two platforms with an incredible 535% increase in return on investment year over year from 2019 to 2020 and a 315% increase in organic website traffic for the same time frame. As a result, the average monthly invoices and the average amount of payments are up by 10.23% and 10.52%, respectively. It’s a win-win situation when both your business and your customers come out ahead.

Since implementing the FieldRoutes operations and sales and marketing suites, Miche Pest Control has:

  • Increased its online purchasing revenue by 11%

  • Raised its average monthly invoices by 10.23%

  • Increased its average amount of payments by 10.52%

  • Decreased its average cost per customer by 29%

  • Increased its Marketing ROI by 107%

“When looking into a software, what’s important to me is that when I think about what I want to do, the software is able to do exactly what I’m thinking. FieldRoutes does that, and it’s nice.”

Thomas Miche, Owner michepestcontrol.com 9327 Mike Garcia Dr. Manassas, VA 20109

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