Fleet Pro Protects Your Most Important Assets

Eliminate unnecessary expenses, minimize risk, and improve the performance of your field employees with professional-grade fleet management tools from ServiceTitan Fleet Pro – now integrated with your FieldRoutes® software.

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Empower A Safer More Productive Team with Fleet Pro

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Do Away With Side Jobs

Spot unauthorized vehicle use and leverage geofencing technology to alert you if trucks are used after hours or visit places that aren't on the job list. It's all about keeping assets where they should be.

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Maximize Billable Hours

Track whether your field employees are moving efficiently from job to job or taking their sweet time in between, causing late or missed appointments and damaging your reputation.

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Ensure Payroll Accuracy

Get a clear picture of vehicle usage – from when employees start their day to breaks. Fleet Pro keeps things fair and simple by helping you track working hours, avoid overpaying, and prevent disputes.

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Keep Track of Assets

Lack of visibility into physical assets puts you at risk for theft and unauthorized use. Asset Tracking enables you to quickly locate and track high-value assets in real time.

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Reduce accident risk by nearly 75% with improved driver behavior and real-time risk detection.

Based on research by Verizon and Azuga (sources on request).