Pest control business software

Dominate your market by operating with more flexibility and agility than ever before. Easy-to-use commercial software empowers growth, improves employee morale, and delivers unparalleled customer experiences.

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Streamline operations, unlock profitability, and drive lasting growth

Drag & drop scheduling

Pest control scheduling software

Schedule jobs based on proximity, technician specialty, and other filters using an interactive map view or automatic bulk optimization.

Simplify. Amplify. Scale.

Unlock new efficiency and profitability with cutting-edge software designed for businesses like yours. FieldRoutes streamlines operations and boosts productivity, allowing pest control companies to expand their reach.

Simplify operations

FieldRoutes delivers robust capabilities while still being easy to use for the entire company, from in-field technicians to office staff. The end-to-end functionality saves management hours in scheduling, routing, reporting, compliance, and more.

Improve customer experiences

Software with a CRM designed for the pest control industry provides your team with a centralized location to access customer data, including locations, balances due, and service requests, to improve customer experiences and retention.

Maximize profitability

Real-time reporting from FieldRoutes empowers businesses with data-driven decisions to safeguard profitability. Automation for vendor payments, communications, and appointment scheduling saves your team time and helps you scale.

Comprehensive functionality

Manage operations from a single platform

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Drag & drop onto routes

FieldRoutes highlights customers needing service so managers can build technician routes by clicking, dragging, and dropping.

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Individual and bulk scheduling

Eliminate the route tasks from your team’s workday with scheduling automation for ongoing contracts. 

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Automated reminders

Put customer communications on autopilot and save office staff up to four hours a day with software-generated reminders.

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Frequently asked questions

What is pest control business software?

There’s no shortage of business management software available on the market today. Still, generalized products that try to meet the needs of small businesses in every sector of the field services industry often fall short of meeting the demands of pest control operations.

Software designed for pest control companies delivers features that operate the way your business does, with tools for:

- Inventory management for pesticides, chemicals, and more

- Customer relationship management with sales pipeline visibility

- Automated appointment reminder notifications

- Scheduling, route optimization, and invoicing

- Client portal with credit card payment and communication

Cloud-based, centralized operations for work order management enable business owners to view dashboards with real-time data from anywhere, including on a mobile app.

User-friendly software like FieldRoutes eliminates time-consuming, repetitive tasks from your team’s workdays and reduces scheduling, routing, billing errors, and more. With software, there’s no more missing paperwork, dropped leads, or missed appointments. FieldRoutes helps pest control companies to operate at their best, delivering better customer experiences to drive ongoing growth.

How does pest control software help SMBs?

Pest control software makes it easy for SMBs to operate in the field services industry by automating office work instead of dealing with changing schedules and routes on paper or in spreadsheets, performing repetitive data entry, using text messages and phone calls for appointment reminders, and invoicing customers via email.

When businesses implement software, the most time-consuming parts of the workday get faster. FieldRoutes prioritizes ease of use and robust functionality, so it’s fast to implement while unlocking new revenue in existing operations.

For businesses struggling to scale, software gives them insight into their operations with real-time data so they can make the critical decisions that safeguard profitability.

How much does pest control business software cost?

FieldRoutes uses a pricing structure that empowers growth, so you can increase revenue without increasing headcount. Choose from a robust suite of software solutions customized to your organization so you have everything you need to improve operations and nothing you don’t.

FieldRoutes offers:

- QuickBooks Online Integration

- FieldRoutes Payments

- Commercial and Multi-Unit Pest Control

- FieldRoutes Mobile App

- Sentricon System Integration

- WDO Inspection Reporting for California Branch 3

- Marketing Pro from ServiceTitan

- Fleet Pro from ServiceTitan

Centralized processes enable agile operations in pest control service companies so that they can stay at the forefront of their market, ahead of the competition.

How does pest control business software help to grow my business?

Using manual and siloed solutions for business management bogs down team members in repetitive, inefficient processes. Maintaining operations can take up your office staff’s entire workday—job scheduling, dispatching, and sending appointment reminders.

Using field service management software for job management lets your team stop focusing on time-consuming tasks and develop a deeper understanding of the business, from workflow optimization to the customer lifecycle. That knowledge fuels smart business decisions, from how you build routes and schedule techs to the services you offer and your marketing strategies.

The pest control management software, like FieldRoutes, unlocks new revenue opportunities without requiring businesses to grow their customer base.

What is the best software for a pest control company?

The best pest control software is FieldRoutes because it was designed for growth, from features to pricing. Companies that use FieldRoutes grow almost 3X as fast as their competitors* because it delivers robust functionality and is also easy to implement and use, improving employee morale and customer experiences.

FieldRoutes offers a customizable suite of solutions to help field service businesses operate at their best without bogging them down with unnecessary features.

Being the best in your market requires using the best tools available and finding ways to improve every aspect of your operations, from drag-and-drop scheduling to smart route building and offering a customer portal with AutoPay functionality.

FieldRoutes is the best because it strives to outshine the competition with ongoing product developments and industry partnerships, ensuring customers always have software that performs better than the competition.

*Based on PCT Top 100 2022 data, FieldRoutes users experienced a 30% average annual growth rate compared to 13% of those using other solutions.