Pest Control Software That Makes Your Life Easier

Leave your competitors in the dust with easy-to-use tools that help you grow quickly, scale effectively, and make life easier for your employees and customers alike.

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FieldRoutes helps pest control companies simplify, scale, and grow.

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Simplify Your Pest Control Software Operations

Finally, pest control software without all the hassle. Easy to use for the entire company, from office manager to technician. 

FieldRoutes® Operations Suite packs a punch without sacrificing usability. It’s an end-to-end solution to help you grow your business and save management hours. Our user-friendly tools make life easier in numerous ways

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Drag and drop appointments into your technician’s schedule and with automated reminders never miss another appointment or payment

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Save gas and time with intelligent routing

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Interactive charts and graphs simplify reporting

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Sentricon® system integration lets you track installations, services, inspections, renewals, and monthly reporting to Corteva Agriscience™

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Simplify wood-destroying organisms (WDO) inspection and reporting while maintaining compliance with California Branch 3

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A streamlined process for termite inspections, warranties, and renewals with licensed access to NPMA-33

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"FieldRoutes makes scheduling A LOT faster and allows us to have more streamlined communication with customers. Integrated credit card payments are also a time-saver. Our techs enjoy the app. It is helpful for them to be able to see their routes on a map and make electronic notes to customer files."

Tiffany Ardisana,Manager,Golden Hills Pest Control

Scale With The Right Pest Control Management Software

Whether you’re a small operation looking to grow or a larger business going all-out to improve your process, FieldRoutes Operations Suite keeps you in the sweet spot of efficiency. 

With real-time reporting, you’ll gain a clear picture of your customer’s lifecycle so you can make data-driven decisions, eliminate manual processes, and reduce your customer acquisition costs. FieldRoutes automation tools enable you to:  

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Save money and go paperless

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Schedule appointments with ease

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Save time with automated communications

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Put payments on cruise control with AutoPay

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Easily integrate with vendors of your choice using our open API

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Grow Using Effective Pest Control Programs

Close deals like a champ, and never miss out on an opportunity to grow your business. Drive more sales, get more leads, and rake in the cash. FieldRoutes® Marketing Suite has it all and then some. FieldRoutes has the sales and marketing tools you need to: 

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Track your sales team success

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Manage your sales pipeline from beginning to end

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Transform your website into a lead generating machine

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Convert browsers into customers

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Enable customers to purchase pest services online

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"I went into the idea of purchasing FieldRoutes with the hope and idea that it would make life easier, and it has fulfilled all of those wishes."

Danielle Bisaillon,Owner/Office Manager,Envirocare Pest Control, LLC

Commercial And Multi-Unit Software For Pest Control Companies

Servicing commercial or multi-unit properties? Our powerful yet easy-to-use solution supports all lines of your business. You can feel confident you’re providing the best customer service that will keep your clients audit-ready. FieldRoutes Operations Suite makes it simple to: 

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Provide your customers the ability to access trend reporting 

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Merge and link multiple service addresses and consolidate billing

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Use the mobile app to build structures to record detailed information about pest-conducive conditions

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Set pre-defined equipment and product associations, like bait to a bait station

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Ensure compliance is maintained by all parties with historical reporting

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Ready To Make The Switch?

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Click, Drag, And Drop

View every customer due for service and easily drag and drop appointments directly into your technician’s existing route within your FieldRoutes pest software.

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Put It On Cruise Control

Most pest control software programs offer scheduling functionality, but FieldRoutes goes further, letting you schedule appointments individually or in bulk with ease.

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Send Automated Reminders

Pest control software is supposed to make life easier, and FieldRoutes does exactly that by helping you save three to four hours a day by automating routine appointment reminders.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pest Control Software?

Pest control software makes life easier for pest control service providers by automating time-consuming tasks, reducing paper usage, centralizing data, and adding efficiency to specific duties such as scheduling, routing, billing, communications, reporting, and more.

What is Pest Control Scheduling Software?

Scheduling software helps pest control providers see which customers are due for service during a specific date range and ensures they are promptly added to technicians' scheduled routes for optimal efficiency.

What are benefits of using Pest Control Software?

The right pest control software can add time-saving efficiencies to nearly every aspect of your pest control operation, effectively cutting hours of work and reducing employee and customer frustrations in the process.

How can Pest Control Routing Software save your technicians' time?

Modern routing solutions can reduce hours spent on the road by taking multiple factors into consideration to get technicians to appointments quickly and efficiently. Scheduling features can add route density, which can further minimize drive time. Automated appointment reminders can also save time by minimizing the likelihood of wasted stops.

How can a pest control CRM help your business grow?

Customer relationship management (CRM) software gives pest control service providers a quick and easy way to access relevant customer information in one centralized location, letting them get the full picture of appointments and payments due, specific concerns, location data, and more. This helps improve service quality, which in turn can boost customer retention and renewals.

Does your business need Mobile Pest Control Software?

Mobile technology is an essential tool for modern pest control operators, allowing them to quickly share information from the field to the office and vice versa. This helps techs stay up-to-date on changing conditions, pick up last-minute opportunities, and even close more sales and upsell deals.

Does FieldRoutes only serve small pest control businesses?

No. Nearly one-third of the pest control companies recognized on the PCT Top 100 use FieldRoutes. What's more, our clients typically grow faster than those on the list who are not currently using FieldRoutes. Our solutions are an excellent fit for any size pest control company, whether a small business or mid-market looking to grow faster and easier, or large enterprise pest control companies.

Ready To Make The List?

PCT Top 100 companies using FieldRoutes® Operations Suite experienced a 30%* average annual growth rate. Those using other solutions only grew by 13%*. The choice is clear. *Claim is based on PCT Top 100 2022 data.

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