Cloud-based Lawn Care Software to Amplify Your Business

Dominate your marketplace and provide top-tier service with cloud-based technology. Our lawn care business software delivers straightforward, time-saving solutions to help you grow like never before.

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FieldRoutes helps lawn care companies simplify, scale, and grow.

Simplify Your Lawn Care Operations

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Simple and intuitive for everyone on your team. Who doesn’t want a Cloud-based software solution that makes your life easier? FieldRoutes software is designed to make you more efficient, get paid faster, and grow your bottom line. 

FieldRoutes provides the lawn functionality you need: 

  • Charge by measurement to maximize revenue 
  • Create custom service plans within a defined time range 
  • Route by technician skillset or certification 
  • Alleviate the need for on-site visits with digitally estimated property tools 
  • Optimize your routes for hazmat and same side of street 
  • Route your trucks by chemical capacity

Scale Your Lawn Care Business

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Business growth comes with complexity, but your software shouldn’t. Whether you’re a nationwide enterprise or an empire of one, we’ve got you covered. Let FieldRoutes do the heavy lifting so you can focus on the big picture. 

Get your life back with FieldRoutes automation: 

  • Offer discounts on prepayments 
  • Automate your communications and appointment reminders 
  • Get contracts signed in the field and begin service the same day 
  • Send customized emails, SMS, and voicemail messages 
  • Get paid faster with autopay technology 
  • Easily integrate with vendors of your choice using our open API 
  • Work from anywhere at any time with our Cloud-based solution 

Grow Using The Best Lawn Care Software

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Sales growth is the foundation of every business. Close more deals, get paid without the hassle, and never miss an opportunity. FieldRoutes has the roadmap to your success. 

FieldRoutes sales and marketing tools give you the power to: 

  • Build marketing emails with dynamic content 
  • Effectively manage your sales team with reminders and tasks 
  • Easily capture referrals through the customer portal 
  • Access sales materials from anywhere

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The Best Lawn Care Software to Boost Your Business

Customer Service

Customer Service

The Power of Automation

Do you keep calling Every. Single. Customer? Get your life back and let our lawn care business software do everything for you by sending automated customized emails, SMS, and voicemail messages.


Our lawn software ensures you’ll never have to miss a beat. With our mobile app, you can get your contracts signed in the field and begin service the same day.

Customer Portal

Who wants to mail a check anymore? Give your customers the convenience they’re looking for and let them pay online.

Customer Service

Lawn Care Billing Software

Go Green

Stop throwing away your hard-earned dollars on paper every month. Our lawn care invoice software lets you send invoices electronically, set up automated payment reminders, and collect your payments in the field.

Rake In Your Cash

FieldRoutes has everything you need to get paid without the hassle. Never miss a payment with autopay technology and create custom payment schedules.

Account Updater

Are you contacting your customers 2-3X to update their credit card deets? Stop the insanity! Our Account Updater feature ensures lost, stolen, or expired credit and debit cards are always up to date.

Customer Service

Lawn Care Scheduling And Routing Software

Arrive on Time, Every Time

Look, we know every dollar counts. Let our intelligent routing do the heavy lifting and watch your windshield time and fuel costs take a nosedive.

Route by Technician Skillset

Need to send the right technician for the right job? No problem! Our lawn service software lets you optimize routes based on your technicians’ skillset or certification.

Easy, Breezy Scheduling

Scheduling your technicians takes mere minutes with our drag and drop solution. No need to spend hours managing your customer appointments with our lawn maintenance software.

Customer Service

Lawn Service Software With An Integrated Marketing Suite

Amplify Your Website

Generate new business and crush your competition. Our sales and marketing experts know the ins-and-outs of what it takes to increase your online visibility with SEO, pay-per-click advertising, content marketing, and more!

Level Up Your Sales

Kick your numbers up a notch! Our mobile app was specifically built with your sales team in mind. Track their progression and keep them motivated with our sales leaderboard.

Track Your Results

Discover your cost per lead, track every dollar spent on marketing, and quickly see which investments are paying off.

FieldRoutes Clients Grow Faster

The average revenue growth rate from 2020-2021 for the PCT Top 100 customers using the FieldRoutes Operations Suite was 30%.

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