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As a lawn care service provider, your reputation is everything. Like many industries composed of locally-owned and operated businesses, lawn care providers...

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As a lawn care service provider, your reputation is everything. Like many industries composed of locally-owned and operated businesses, lawn care providers rely on getting their name out to as many people in their area as possible. While great lawn care businesses have no trouble keeping repeat customers coming back, reaching new ones can be challenging.

Here is a quick list of tips you can use to maximize your exposure and start building a successful marketing strategy for your lawn care business.

1- Get A Great Website

Many small businesses maintain an active social media presence but still find themselves wondering why they’re not getting calls or forms filled out. The truth is, Google will almost always rank a dedicated service page over a social media page when someone searches for lawn care services. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that your social media presence alone can carry you because generally, it won’t.

In the modern world, your business isn’t going to get anywhere if people can’t reach it on the web. In fact, even if you have an existing website, it could still turn away customers if it’s clunky, outdated, or otherwise ineffective at transitioning your website visitors into paying customers. This means that your first step as a lawn care provider is to invest in a sleek, optimized website that makes traversing the pages and ordering service as simple as possible. Every service you provide should have a page on the website. Also, be sure to feature good reviews prominently throughout your site to inspire confidence in your brand.

2- Produce Content

Unfortunately, even having a great website is not enough by itself to ensure success. Once you have a website, there are certain steps you’ll need to take in order to make it stand out on Google and other search engines. One of the quickest ways to build authority for your website is by creating keyword-focused content that shows search engines that you’re the expert when people make relevant searches about lawn care.

Just remember that it can take months or even years to start ranking for keywords even once they’re on the page. So, the faster you can get your site up and running, the better. In addition to adding new permanent pages to their websites, many lawn care providers can build their content library by maintaining an active blog. Just keep in mind that building your search engine optimization (SEO) value is a long and persistent process, and you’ll have to stay consistent in order to take your website from deep in the search engine results pages to the first couple of results.

3- Stay Social

While social media is only one piece of the puzzle when it comes to your overall online presence, it is still very important to keep up with. Make sure to post frequently and to share blog posts and other notable site content on your Facebook and other social media accounts.

4- Market For Spring

As a lawn care provider, spring is your crucial period from a marketing perspective. Getting a customer in the spring practically guarantees their continued service into the summer and fall. So, attracting customers early on can pay big dividends. And remember, if you’re not getting in front of the customer, you can rest assured that one of your competitors will be.

Luckily, this crucial moment coincides with slower advertising traffic. While many outdoor businesses are going into hibernation, this is your opportunity to pounce. Pay-per-click (PPC) and paid social media campaigns tend to cost less per click in the winter and are incredibly important avenues to address as the year progresses. Use these tools to set a marketing plan in place to set you up for success in spring that carries over into the rest of the year.

5- Get Help From An Expert

The ultimate key to lawn care marketing success is to partner with an expert that understands the industry and what it takes to thrive. FieldRoutes excels at propelling lawn care businesses further through comprehensive and effective marketing services that get them noticed and keep them relevant.

Contact us today for more information about how the FieldRoutes™ Marketing Suite could be just the boost your lawn care business needs!

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