Gear Up To Grow With FieldRoutes

Oct 20, 2021
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Gear Up To Grow With FieldRoutes
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FieldRoutes™ PCT Top 100 clients using the operations and sales and marketing suites for more than 12 months saw a healthy 53% average annual revenue growth rate. PCT magazine’s 2021 State of the Fleet Management Market report showed over 1/3 of respondents expect to see an increase in their fleet size compared to pre-pandemic conditions. 77% indicated that marketing was very important or somewhat important. However 30% don't have a marketing solution in place, 22% are not using software, and 45% don't understand why integrating a CRM and marketing solution is important.

What Does This Mean for You

The industry is growing. Modern technology can help add efficiencies to your operation to minimize growing pains and give you a competitive advantage.

Here’s How FieldRoutes Helps You Adjust and Compete

Acquire more customers:

  • Convert window shoppers into customers by giving them the power to purchase services right from your website 

  • Reach the top of the search engine rankings in your area with results-driven tools, strategies, and techniques 

  • Track, manage, and advance your sales pipeline, so you never miss an opportunity

Operate efficiently:

  • Arrive on time every time with our intelligent routing solution and serve more customers per day 

  • Schedule technicians with a simple click, drag, and drop 

  • Save time with automated voice, text, and email reminders for appointments and payments

Provide superior service:

  • Get contracts signed on the spot and service your customers on the same day 

  • Build your brand with a responsive website that looks good on any size screen and engaging content that keeps visitors informed 

  • Offer commercial pest services? We’ve got you covered with trend reporting, digital logbooks, and custom scheduling to ensure you and your customers are compliant.

Get paid on time:

  • Quickly create invoices and accept payments electronically 

  • Enjoy headache-free revenue collection with autopay, and an online customer portal that gives your customers access to their account any time of the day 

  • Automatically update lost, stolen, or expired credit and debit cards with our integrated payment processing solution

Track your results:

  • Get real-time facts, not days-old data 

  • Make data-driven decisions with interactive dashboards that are easy to understand 

  • Discover your cost per lead, customer acquisition cost, and other key metrics and quickly see which investments are paying off

If you’re frustrated with your current solution, or you’re one of the 22% not using pest control software, put FieldRoutes at the top of your list.

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2022 PCT Top 100 Companies Using FieldRoutes Experienced 30% Growth Rate

2022 PCT Top 100 Companies Using FieldRoutes Experienced 30% Growth Rate

They use software to help manage their successful businesses. If you’re ready to join the PCT Top 100, then it’s time to move to FieldRoutes.

Looking To Grow? FieldRoutes® Lawn Care Software Is Here

Looking To Grow? FieldRoutes® Lawn Care Software Is Here

FieldRoutes residential lawn care customers using the operations suite saw an average customer growth rate of 44% during their first year of use.

Consumer Pest Control Purchasing Report

Consumer Pest Control Purchasing Report

Taking the time to understand your customers benefits your entire organization and can give you a strategic advantage over your competition

Experience Higher Growth

Experience Higher Growth

FieldRoutes customers on the PCT Top 100 list using both the operations and sales and marketing suites had an average annual growth rate of 53%.

FieldRoutes helps field service companies simplify, scale, and grow.

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