Experience Higher Growth

Sep 27, 2021
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Experience Higher Growth
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With all the trials and tribulations that 2020 brought, FieldRoutes™ customers still came out on top. We’re excited to congratulate our customers that made the PCT Top 100.

The Results Are In!

The average revenue growth rate from 2019-2020 for the PCT Top 100 customers using FieldRoutes sales and marketing suite is 35%. The average revenue growth rate from 2019-2020 for the PCT Top 100 customers using FieldRoutes operations suite is 43%, those not using FieldRoutes only saw 16%. Customers using both FieldRoutes operations suite and sales and marketing suite for more than 12 months saw an incredible average revenue growth rate of 53%.

Ready to grow your business while saving time and money? Unmatched in the industry, we help you:

  • Acquire New Customers 

  • Provide Superior Pest Control Service 

  • Collect Your Revenue 

  • View Your True Return on Investment

Here’s How We Do It

  1. We start with capturing more leads for your business by increasing your brand visibility and improving your Google ranking through Local SEO.

  2. Empower your customers to purchase pest control services when and where it’s convenient for them—directly through your website and Google My Business listing.

  3. Those new customers are then automatically added into FieldRoutes™ software and your team can simply add them to your technician’s routes.

  4. Your technicians can service them with ease, knowing they have all the details needed in their mobile app.

  5. Customers can leave a review and pay their bill right from your branded Customer Portal. They can even setup autopay for recurring services.

  6. Finally, you’ll save time by navigating real-time data, not assumptions. The FieldRoutes™ Compass marketing portal gives you quick access to important metrics by each of your marketing channels, reveals your cost per lead, and shows your true ROI so you can stay ahead of the marketing curve.

With FieldRoutes Powering Your Business

Grow Quickly

  • Lead Generation 

  • Sell Services Online 

  • Reduced Customer Acquisition Cost 

  • Efficient Scheduling 

  • Autopay 

  • Integrated Billing and Contracts 

  • Custom Payment Schedules

Scale Smartly

  • Buy Field Services Online 

  • Configurable Account Setup 

  • Route Optimization

  • Comprehensive Dashboard 

  • Accurate Reporting 

  • Business Analytics 

  • True Marketing ROI

Serve Customers Relentlessly

  • Simple Customer Sign-up 

  • Customer Portal 

  • Appointment Reminders

  • Technician Identification

  • Customer Reviews

Get Started Quickly

Easy To Implement

  • No Downtime

  • Safe Data Transfer

  • Integrations with Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google My Business, Google Ads and Call Tracking Metrics

Quick To Learn

  • Comprehensive Training 

  • Dedicated U.S. Support Team

Trusted in the Industry

  • Nearly 5-star Capterra and G2 Ratings

Ready to experience higher growth?

When you’re ready to switch, we’re here to help you with a smooth transition. Schedule your free demo today!

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2022 PCT Top 100 Companies Using FieldRoutes Experienced 30% Growth Rate

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Consumer Pest Control Purchasing Report

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Gear Up To Grow With FieldRoutes

Gear Up To Grow With FieldRoutes

FieldRoutes™ PCT Top 100 clients using the operations and sales and marketing suites for more than 12 months saw a healthy 53% average annual revenue growth rate.

FieldRoutes helps field service companies simplify, scale, and grow.

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