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The Power of Integration: Taking Your Business from Good to Great

Ryan Oakes
Jul 06, 2021
4 min read
SEO Title | The Power of Integration: Taking Your Business from Good to Great
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A common phrase these days is “better together.”

There are certain things that are just better when they’re in the presence of one another: toast and butter, ice cream and cake, bacon and eggs, spaghetti and meatballs. These items are perfectly fine on their own, but together, they are enhanced. Therein lies the power of integration. defines integration as the state of combination or the process of combining into completeness and harmony. And when things are in harmony, they are consistent, orderly, and pleasing.

As a pest control business owner, you’re already doing everything you can to make your business good, but what if there was something else that you could pair up with that would facilitate you taking your business from good to great? The point of bringing in something new to your business is to improve upon what you are already doing, no matter what state you are in.

As we all continue adjusting to this post-Covid world, we see that things are still changing, including how business is conducted. Digitalization is at the forefront of just about everything that we do. The connecting, communicating and collaborating that takes place in businesses between customers, suppliers, vendors, and team members requires digital systems.

What is Business Integration?

Business integration is the comprehensive digital strategy that enables the integration, automation, and optimization of key business processes that connect an organization with its trading partners – customers, suppliers, logistics companies, and financial institutions. Companies needing a way to change information quickly and efficiently is the basis for business integration, the goal being to improve the speed and productivity of conducting digital transactions. Advantages of integration include lowered costs as a result of eliminating human handling in areas such as data entry, a clerical error in document preparation, and even mailroom sorting.

Benefits to Integration

1. Improved Data Accessibility

Data is easier to access, both for individuals and the business altogether. This type of convenience leads to team members taking data into consideration when making company decisions. More often than not, data-driven decisions accelerate business growth.

2. Better Communication

Just like a phone conversation, when the connection is good, the communication is just better. Connectivity helps to facilitate the sharing of information that under different circumstances would be challenging, costly, and time-consuming.

3. Improved Productivity

One purpose of streamlining systems is to improve productivity rates. There is less paper, less waiting, and more efficiency. Employees can focus their time on the tasks that matter most—the ones that will enhance the company’s bottom line.  

4. One-Stop Service

All-in-one solutions make work life more manageable in terms of access and sharing. Data is stored all in one place. Employees don’t have to learn and utilize multiple systems, and there are fewer things to have to worry about managing.

5. Robust Growth

Fast-growing companies often require complex applications and systems. Integration solves that problem with a few clicks within one program rather than having to risk injury to your company.

The Power in Integrated Payments

One area where integration is particularly beneficial to businesses is in payments. The benefits mentioned above are seen and experienced in the PestRoutes® Integrated Payments system. For many companies, implementing an effective payment platform, such as PestRoutes, leads to significant savings in both expenses and time. The fully integrated payment solutions that PestRoutes now offers for pest control businesses focus on driving down costs while increasing organization and growth. With fully integrated payment processing through the PestRoutes® platform, manual processes are eliminated by providing a complete end-to-end software for managing your payments with the following attributes:

1. Full Integration

PestRoutes’ payments solutions are fully integrated into the PestRoutes® platform with mobile payment processing, important notifications, payment reminders, and more.

2. Automation

This eliminates manual processes in your business and helps your business grow without increased operational costs.

3. Quick Implementation

Onboarding takes less than an hour, so you can start taking payments almost immediately.

4. US-Based Customer Service

Live solutions-based customer service that provides answers and assistance.

5. Simple Pricing

The rates are upfront and easy to understand, so there are no billing surprises.

6. PCI Compliant

PestRoutes manages compliance with the secure storage of your customers’ payment information.

7. Development Mindset

The more features that are added in the future, the more streamlined the potential way of work for pest control companies.

Changes for the Better

Integration is about more than just combining systems—it’s about developing seamless ways for your business to function on a daily basis. PestRoutes Integrated Payments allows businesses to:

  • Securely store customer payment information

  • Easily find customers and process their payments when service is complete

  • Send reminders to customers to make a payment

  • Easily see when a customer has not paid for a previous service

  • Process payments on the go through the mobile app or on the website

  • Easily store multiple payment methods under each customer

Change can often be scary as fear of the unknown is a natural occurrence in and out of the workplace. The entire process of integrating business systems is a big step for any company. And while integration is a decision that many businesses struggle to make, it is quite possible to successfully make the transition with the right strategy in place.

A company’s integration process is not only part of an approach to automation. It touches security in terms of both the company’s and clients’ information. On the downside, businesses that decide not to practice integration often experience increased costs and resource consumption.

The integration of business systems is something that is going to continue to take place well into the future. Not only does integration have the power to bring things together to take them from good to great, but it affects all areas of a business in a positive way by lowering expenses for systems automation of processes, less time spent in work, and better control of information.

Your pest control business is good as is, but as the world continues to evolve, you are going to have to stay in step and evolve as well in order to go beyond just keeping up. The time is now to take action in exploring how business integration can benefit your pest control business.

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