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Let’s face it, business can be stressful, and the events of 2020 are not helping.

We have all had to learn what it means to pivot in order not just to survive but thrive in both our personal and business lives. All of this has created a major impact on mental health both in and outside of traditional 9-5 hours. World Mental Health Day is a yearly opportunity to raise awareness of mental health issues.

One of the things that has made this year particularly challenging is all of the change. An article in Psychology Today states, “Whatever the circumstances, navigating this gray zone of transitions can be difficult, presenting us with new problems and demanding us to respond in new ways." While there will always be change when it comes to business, there are opportunities for us to cultivate a culture of consistency, particularly in the area of employee retention. Keeping strong employees who are a good fit within your company is a benefit to all stakeholders involved, and there are techniques to make that happen.

1. Invest Through Training

In general, we only invest in things that we believe hold value. One way to foster value for your technicians is to give them the opportunity to learn. As their knowledge increases, so does their actual and perceived value. When technicians perceive their own companies as viewing them as valuable, it is likely that they will see themselves in the same light.

2. Establish a Culture of Two-Way Communication

An open-door policy where technicians are allowed to speak and their ideas and opinions are heard, taken into consideration, and actually utilized goes a long way in continuing to show them and other employees that they are valued and not taken for granted.

3. Support Growth and Development

Feeling boxed-in is one of the worst feelings for employees. As they grow in other areas of life, technicians want to know that it is possible for them to grow in their professional lives as well. It is the leadership’s responsibility to create this possibility. This can be done through additional training, professional development, and programs that provide career enhancement such as mentoring and shadowing programs.

4. Show Appreciation

Employees want to know that the work they do is seen and appreciated. And it goes even further when appreciation is shown publicly.

5. Set Technicians Up for Success

Creating an environment that sets employees along the path to success is key in making them want to come to work and stick around for the long haul. How can an organization ask its employees to be effective without providing the necessary equipment and materials to do so? Surprisingly, it happens all of the time, and there is usually a high turnover rate in those organizations. On the contrary, when a company provides up to date, cutting edge equipment and technology, properly functioning tools, and a safe working environment, technicians are able to focus on their work rather than what is hindering them from doing it with excellence.

pest control software company can’t function without effective technicians. They are the ones out in the field, directly interacting with customers and providing the service that represents your company. And a revolving door of people moving in and out of technician positions does not aid in fostering a culture of consistency and peace of mind. As such, technicians should be shown that they are a valued part of the organization. Fostering this type of consistency within your company relieves stress and promotes trust both inside of your company and even over to your customers, who will pick up on the positive energy that your technicians will exude.

William Chaney
William ChaneyChief Executive Officer
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