Thanksgiving: How to Make Customers Thankful for Your Business

It’s November, the month where Americans give thanks for all of the good things in their lives.

Is it possible that your pest control company could show up on that list? If you’re doing the right things, it is possible and likely that your customers will be thankful for the things your company does. Here’s a list of strategic moves your company can make to bring in the “Thank-you’s.”

Be Intentional

More specifically, be intentional about knowing your customers. You can’t provide value if you don’t know what they need in the first place. When it comes to adding value, it’s essential to understand that “value” is a subjective term. What’s valuable to one customer may not be as big of a deal to another. Value can be defined as information, insights, and actions you bring to your buyer that they cannot find or do independently. Know your customers, know what they need, and deliver it. 

Show Your Expertise

Thought leadership is a big deal in the business arena these days. That doesn’t change for your customers. They want to know that the people they pay their money to know what they’re doing. Showing yourself as an authority on pest control tells your customers that you have both knowledge and skills. Use your website to post articles from your company on important topics in the industry. Send email newsletters educating your customers on things they might not know. Post short demo videos on YouTube. The point is for your customers to know that you know the things that they don’t. 

Show Them the Bottom Line calculates that the value a customer receives is equal to the benefits of the service your customer provides minus the cost. Customers need to know that what they receive from you in terms of service outweighs the cost. 81% of companies with strong capabilities and competencies for delivering customer experience excellence are outperforming their competition. Of course, the cost can be financial, but it can also be time, convenience, and experience. If your client is consistently inconvenienced each time a tech comes for service, directions aren’t followed, or property is damaged, the cost will outweigh the service. Your job is to make sure that doesn’t happen. A pro tip for keeping track – ask your customers for reviews and follow up on them. It is critical when they are negative. 

Treat Your Customers Well

You should treat customers well because they’re people, but if you need another reason, consider this: bad customer experiences cost U.S. businesses $41 billion a year. That’s not to say that every interaction is going to be perfect. Sometimes it’s about what happens after a mistake was made. Almost half of the customers surveyed report that the time it takes a company to respond after a complaint is a significant part of their most ideal customer experience. Along with that, the number one reason for losing customers is unsatisfactory customer service. 

Think for a moment. What is it that prompts you to say, “Thank you”? It likely comes in response to something good being done or said. Your customers are no different. Do good, and they will be thankful.

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