Save Time, Save Fuel and Save the Earth

Did you know UPS trucks only make right turns?

Did you know this decreased their mileage by 20 million miles a year? Did you know this saves them millions of dollars in fuel costs? Do you want to know how they did it? Route optimization software. If you’re still planning your technicians’ routes with a Mapsco, you should consider these reasons for upgrading to route optimization software:

  • It saves time.  How long does it take you to manually plan your technicians’ routes every week? It’s challenging to keep up with customer data, appointment times and your technicians’ daily schedule. Have you dreamt of what it would be like to do this with just a few clicks of your mouse? Route optimization software does the heavy-lifting for you and puts more hours back in your day so you can be more productive in other areas of your job.
  • It saves the environment. It ain’t easy bein’ green, but as our industry becomes more environmentally friendly, route planning software can help you reduce your fuel consumption, which, in turn, reduces your fuel emissions. You can also go paperless since you no longer need to manually plan your routes. Save the trees for climbing!
  • It increases customer satisfaction. Your customers expect your technicians to arrive on time, and, of course, to the correct home or office building. Intelligent route optimization prevents your technicians from getting lost along the way. But it’s more than just a GPS system. What if your technician takes longer than expected or you need to add more appointments? Most route planning software integrates with a scheduling software so you can easily maneuver technicians throughout the day.
  • It saves money. Fuel isn’t cheap. It can account for one of your biggest company expenses. That’s why route planning software uses complex algorithms to identify the most cost-effective way to get from point A to point B. This ensures you save time, fuel, and it can reduce your spending on vehicle maintenance.
  • It increases your technicians’ safety. You don’t want your technicians driving on an unfamiliar road, stuck in heavy traffic, trying to locate their next appointment. This creates unnecessary anxiety. Route optimization software helps reduce the stress by avoiding heavy traffic and ensuring your technicians get there safe and on-time.


In the end, route optimization software has many benefits. It improves your business operations and increases your profits. With more efficient technicians, it helps create happier customers. And most importantly, it helps save our planet by reducing fuel emissions and paper waste.

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