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PestWorld 2019 Is a Wrap!

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I don’t know about you, but PestWorld 2019 was a whirlwind for our team at PestRoutes!

Like most tradeshows, it was pretty hectic, but we still made time for dinner at Kansas City BBQ, had loads of fun with our cartoon artist, and managed to give away some Bug-A-Salts and a few Echo Dots. And speaking of prizes, congratulations to Nathan Hammock with X-PESTS for taking home our grand prize - PestRoutes for life!

Most importantly though, we enjoyed catching up with our customers again, and making several new ones. In case you couldn’t make it, here’s what our team had to share about PestWorld and some fun photos of the event:

Patrick McKittrick, CEO, shared his thoughts:

“Pestworld 2019 showed that the industry is ready to take the next step in technology adoption. It was great to see so many of our current PestRoutes customers and meet other pest control companies who are interested in what we are building. I noticed three major themes emerging through my discussions. First, pest control operators want a technology partner who cares about their business and if they aren't getting that from their current software provider then they will look elsewhere. Second, functionality must keep advancing. As far as the industry has come there are still many areas that are either not serviced at all or dramatically under serviced. California termite functionality is a great example of this. The reaction to our new offering was incredible as the industry has not seen advancement in this area in many years. And third, marketing and analytics simply had to come together. Every pest control operator spends a large portion of their budget on marketing but nearly none of them could tell you how effective each dollar truly was. The recently released Lobster Compass℠ marketing portal is a game changer that the industry has been waiting for.”  

Kirsten Lester, Chief Product Officer, noted common themes around advancement in our industry:

“Common themes at PestWorld 2019 were technology, integrations and partnerships. It’s clear the industry is advancing in their technology investments – IoT products and more point (niche) software solutions like GPS vehicle management. PestRoutes has become an attractive partner opportunity with its growing customer base and open APIs. Mutual pest control customers are driving the discussions seeking a seamless experience to realize the returns on the investments in these solutions. I believe this is why the Lobster Compass℠ marketing portal attracted a lot of folks to our booth. It was a great show and we left with not only new signed customers, but also a vision for a more tightly integrated ecosystem.”

Cliff Newby, Director of Strategic Initiatives, was excited about the attendance this year:  

“PestWorld was well attended, and we had a great experience interacting with attendees and current clients.  We found the attendees to be highly engaged – in fact, there was a waiting line for attendees to meet with our team to talk about and demo our solution.”

Mark Stewart, National Account Executive, loves it when our customers do the selling for him:  

“This is why I love coming to PestWorld. I met a potential customer who said nobody loves their current software. Then a random current customer just said, “Hi.” and told the potential customer that they love PestRoutes, the transition was great, and they would never leave us.”

Justin Johnson, Sr. Account Executive, enjoyed being able to meet with our customers face-to-face:

“I'm always excited to be a part of PestWorld. Getting the opportunity to meet our existing customers is one of my favorite things about the show. Talking about what things have changed in their company and life after making the switch to PestRoutes is always a pleasure to hear. Things like, "I'm able to save so much time & money now" and "Thanks to PestRoutes, we know exactly what is going on in our company.” Looking forward to my fifth PestWorld show next year and meeting more of our amazing customers!"

Eric Molepske, Customer Success Manager, also enjoyed connecting with our customers in person:

“My biggest takeaway was getting a chance to connect with our clients.  It meant a lot to me to shake their hands and hear directly from them. Each company came up to me and let me know about their favorite part of the software.  They had a lot of positive things to say as we discussed the future of our partnerships.  I quickly noticed that our goals are aligned and that we want to have continued growth in the same direction.”

See you next year for PestWorld 2020 in Nashville, y'all!

Patrick McKittrick
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