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9 Best CRM Apps For Pest Control Businesses

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9 Best CRM Apps For Pest Control Businesses

While you excel at applying pest control strategies, managing leads and customer contracts can be a constant challenge.

That's where integrated customer relationship management (CRM) software comes in. It empowers pest control businesses to:

  • Organize customer data: Streamline data management, making it easy to find information and track interactions.

  • Maximize sales opportunities: Identify potential leads and convert them into loyal customers.

  • Improve customer experiences: Deliver better service through personalized communication and efficient scheduling.

  • Grow revenue: Increase sales and profitability through enhanced customer relationships.

Some of the best CRM apps for pest control include:

  • FieldRoutes

  • Fieldwork

  • PestBoss

  • Jobber

  • PestPac

  • Housecall Pro

  • GorillaDesk

  • Formitize

  • Briostack

Whether you currently use a CRM app and need a comprehensive solution or seek top-rated business software for your pest control business, this guide compares the best options to help you identify the right solution.

Disclaimer: The information below is accurate as of April 1, 2024.

Best Pest Control CRM App: Comparison Table (With Ratings & Pricing)

When seeking a CRM app for pest control services, first compare ratings, reviews, and pricing. This table breaks down the basics of top pest control CRM apps.


Best For

Free Plan/Trial



Any size pest control business


Based on company size; all plans for unlimited users


Small to large field service companies


$59-$99/mo. for one field user


Small to enterprise pest control companies


$59-$682 for limited users


Home service businesses


$49-$249/mo. with limited users


Small to enterprise pest control companies


Not published online

Housecall Pro

Home service companies


$49-$129/mo. with limited users


Field service businesses


$49-$99 with one route


Variety of businesses


$29.99/mo. per user


Pest and lawn care businesses


Not published online

Below, find the best pest control CRM apps by use case.

Best Pest Control CRM App by Use Case

The best pest control app depends on the specific needs of your pest control business.

To identify the right field service management software solution, you want to compare details such as features, functionality, customer support availability, and whether the plans support unlimited users. Find more information about each option below.

App #1: FieldRoutes

FieldRoutes, a ServiceTitan company, provides best-in-class pest control management software to streamline and manage pest control businesses of all sizes.

Reference Image

FieldRoutes’ comprehensive cloud-based software is specifically designed to simplify pest control operations and empower businesses to work more efficiently and profitably. FieldRoutes helps small and large businesses improve operations, scale, and grow successfully.

Standout Capabilities

User-friendly features in FieldRoutes® Operations Suite include drag-and-drop scheduling, intelligent route optimization, automated customer communications, integrated payment processing, and an intuitive reporting dashboard with real-time data.

Industry-specific job management features include a streamlined inspection process, multi-unit service capabilities, and simplified compliance reporting. An API and integrations, including a QuickBooks Online integration, provide flexibility and seamlessly connect your business.

Downsides to Consider

FieldRoutes provides a complete solution for pest control service providers, so businesses seeking only a CRM solution will obtain additional features.

Top Features

  • Centralized CRM: Access customer information in one place for full visibility of appointments, payments due, location data, and specific concerns. This helps businesses improve customer satisfaction and retain more customers.

  • Customer notifications: Automate personalized customer notifications by text, email, or voicemail based on customer preference. Send automated appointment reminders, payment reminders, contract renewal reminders, or online review requests.

  • Mobile app for techs: A mobile app for Android and iOS mobile devices connects your team. Optimize your workflow by allowing field technicians to view and manage routes, create home diagrams for termites, and log pesticides and products used on each job.

  • Streamlined payment processing: Give customers convenient ACH or credit card payment options through an online customer portal or increase cash flow with an auto-pay option.


FieldRoutes pricing varies based on company size. Unlike other software options, all plans include unlimited users to support business growth.

App #2: Fieldwork

Fieldwork provides software to help residential and commercial field service businesses in a variety of industries, including pest control, lawn care, and pool service.

Reference Image

Image source: Fieldwork

Fieldwork’s work order management system simplifies scheduling, CRM, invoicing, payments, and other aspects of a field service business. Its work order management system digitizes operations and streamlines processes.

Standout Capabilities

Fieldwork’s CRM features organize customer data with customizable fields, notes, attached files, service contracts, and site plans. Its service contract management system supports autofill for PDF data, digital signatures, and renewal reports.

Downsides to Consider

Users mention a lack of robust reporting capabilities. Only the highest-priced plan provides features to help businesses manage multiple service locations, such as multi-unit buildings.

Top Features

  • Device scanning: In connection with a mobile app, scan and track items with a barcode, including rodent devices, monitoring stations, and insect light traps. Customers gain access to reporting data through the customer portal.

  • Chemical tracking and reporting: Record quantity, unit of measure, application method, device used, targeted pests, and application areas. Templates ensure technicians perform common services correctly and consistently.

  • Customer portal: Through a company’s branded URL and login page, customers can manage their accounts, view service history and future appointments, and make online credit card payments through a pest control company’s Stripe or PayPal accounts.


Fieldwork offers the following plans based on the number of field users:

  • Startup: $59/mo. for one field user

  • Business: $79/mo. for one field user

  • Pro: $99/mo. for one field user

App #3: PestBoss

PestBoss pest control software simplifies the management of pest control business operations.

Reference Image

Image source: PestBoss

PestBoss features help businesses adhere to standards and safety regulations related to pest control applications. It provides CRM, scheduling, estimating, invoicing, and project monitoring and reporting features.

Standout Capabilities

PestBoss offers features to help pest control businesses map, monitor, and report contract project sites. 

It features a device-tracking dashboard to manage and report on installed devices in the field. 

Businesses can share reports, pest activity heat maps, and site analytics with customers through email or a customer portal.

Downsides to Consider

PestBoss has only one review on Capterra, so it lacks an established track record.

Top Features

  • Site monitoring: Map and monitor sites with in-field barcode production and application.

  • Customer communication: Share service reports, summaries, and recommendations with customers by sending or printing from the field.

  • Manage pesticides and suppliers: Businesses can manage materials and supplier information.


PestBoss prices vary depending on the number of users.

  • $59/mo. for one user

  • $354/mo. for 10 users

  • $682/mo. for 20 users

App #4: Jobber

Jobber helps home service businesses, including pest control businesses, more efficiently schedule jobs and bill customers.

Reference Image

Image source: Jobber

Jobber provides one place for businesses to quote, schedule, invoice, and accept customer payments. It provides a QuickBooks integration and other integrations to streamline operations and marketing.

Standout Capabilities

Jobber’s CRM features enable businesses to easily communicate, follow up, and keep customers in the loop. 

It streamlines online booking and job scheduling. 

Multiple payment processing options provide additional convenience to customers and help businesses get paid faster.

Downsides to Consider

Jobber provides features to meet the needs of home service businesses, so companies providing commercial services may need more comprehensive features.

Top Features

  • Customer notifications: Send automated updates for appointment reminders, work progress updates, and quote and invoice follow-ups.

  • Mobile app: Push notifications alert businesses to schedule changes, new booking requests, client messages, and when clients view quotes. The app is available in Spanish for select team members.

  • Payment processing: Easily process online payments via bank transfer, automatic payments with a credit card saved on file, or in person with a card reader.


Jobber offers the following plans:

  • Core: $49/mo. for one user

  • Connect: $129/mo. for up to 5 users

  • Grow: $249/mo. for up to 15 users

App #5: PestPac by WorkWave

PestPac by WorkWave provides management software for small to enterprise-level residential and commercial pest control companies.

Reference Image

Image source: PestPac

PestPac provides features to simplify scheduling, routing, CRM, inspections, tracking, and reporting. It offers commercial-specific features to support multiple service locations, including audit logs, forms, condition tracking, and inspection reports.

Standout Capabilities

PestPac CRM features provide a workflow for lead generation. Features include intelligent matching, lead status tracking, and customizable lead fields. For commercial customer management, PestPac offers a digital logbook to record inspections and log sightings, trend logs, and reports.

Downsides to Consider

Some users report functionality and customer service issues.

Top Features

  • Sales segmentation: Automatically assign new leads as they come in, and segment leads by sales team and sales funnel. Track, manage, and report on sales activities.

  • Mobile app: Syncs with the office for real-time schedule changes. Techs can add photos, diagrams, comments, and documents. After completing a job, capture client signatures and accept credit card payments and checks in the field.

  • Chemical tracking: Track materials from distributor to warehouse to technician. Ensure regulatory compliance and track inventory levels with inventory reports. 


PestPac doesn’t publish plan pricing online. It also offers a PestPac Lite plan for smaller pest control companies.

App #6: Housecall Pro

Housecall Pro provides home service management software for businesses in a variety of industries, including pest control, HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and cleaning.

Reference Image

Image Source: Housecall Pro

Its features simplify scheduling, dispatching, CRM, marketing, and payments. Housecall Pro offers QuickBooks and Google Local Services integrations, among other integration options.

Standout Capabilities

Housecall Pro’s CRM features enable residential pest control services businesses to offer online booking from their website or social media pages. 

Other features include a 24/7 answering service and voice solutions, including call routing and call tracking for marketing.

Downsides to Consider

Housecall Pro isn’t specifically designed for pest control businesses, so it may lack features in certain areas, such as pest inspection and chemical tracking.

Top Features

  • Online booking: Increase customer convenience and simplify booking with an online booking system.

  • Customer follow-ups: Send customized follow-up emails to rebook appointments, request feedback with surveys, or request reviews on a preferred review site

  • Customer payments: Accept credit card and bank payments in person, online, or over the phone. An Instapay feature enables businesses to receive money faster.


Housecall Pro offers three plans:

  • Basic: $49/mo. for one user

  • Essentials: $129/mo. for 1-5 users

  • Max: Contact for a quote

App #7: GorillaDesk

GorillaDesk enables pest control businesses to automate operations and provides tools to help techs work efficiently.

Reference Image

Image source: GorillaDesk

GorillaDesk features simplify office management, field operations, customer experience, and marketing. GorillaDesk integrates with QuickBooks, Square, and Stripe and offers additional integrations.

Standout Capabilities

In its basic plan, GorillaDesk provides many features to streamline office and field operations. 

Its highest-priced plan provides additional pest control-specific features, including tracking devices and managing services at multi-unit buildings.

Downsides to Consider

Users report a lack of customization for recurring work.

Top Features

  • CRM notes and attachments: Organize customer data and history. Notes give techs information about the job, and techs can add notes in the field.

  • Communication and follow-ups: Send appointment confirmations, reminders, on-the-way texts, and follow-up notifications. Email and SMS templates speed up the communication process.

  • Customer portal: Allow customers to view estimates, past and future appointments, invoices, documents, and work requests. They can also pay online with a credit card.


GorillaDesk pricing varies based on the number of routes.

  • Basic: $49/mo. for one route; $2,309/mo. for 75 routes

  • Pro: $99/mo. for one route; $3,799/mo for 75 routes

App #8: Formitize

Formitize provides paperless solutions for businesses in a variety of industries, including pest control, landscaping, building inspection, and food safety.

Reference Image

Image source: Formitize

Formitize helps businesses set workflows and provides scheduling, CRM, and mobile forms to streamline business. Its integrations include QuickBooks, Xero, Stripe, and other integrations for estimates, payments, and marketing.

Standout Capabilities

Formitize provides modules to help businesses stay organized. 

Its CRM module includes integrated contact management, sales pipeline, tasks, jobs, documents, notes, and activity logs.

Businesses can create leads or a new job and manage details digitally.

Downsides to Consider

Users cite some limitations with form setup options.

Top Features

  • Centralized data: Quickly find customer information, including customers with multiple locations.

  • Digital forms: Mobile job forms enable techs to collect data. Forms auto-collect time, date, and GPS location and trigger an automatic action when submitted.

  • Sales management: Automatically follow up with leads and link to other modules, including CRM, jobs, and accounts.


Formitize software pricing is $29.99/mo. per user. Other pricing options include industry packs, enterprise solutions, and not-for-profit.

App #9: Briostack

Briostack provides software to help residential and commercial pest control businesses efficiently manage operations.

Reference Image

Image source: Briostack

Briostack features eliminate paperwork and streamline scheduling, customer communication, invoicing, and billing. Briostack offers a QuickBooks Online integration.

Standout Capabilities

The software centralizes customer data and uses dashboards to manage new or existing leads. 

It allows for customization of customer notifications, including whether customers prefer text, email, phone, or mail.

Downsides to Consider

Users cite issues with routing and say the software is too complex for smaller businesses.

Top Features

  • Automated customer communication: A customizable message center enables businesses to automate appointment, service, and billing reminders, send quotes and invoices, and batch customer communications.

  • Sales management: Assign sales territories by technician, send professional proposals in the field, and track real-time progress.

  • Customer portal: Customers can access appointment records and billing details and accept online payments.


Briostack doesn’t publish its pricing plans online.

Looking for a Pest Control CRM App?

A CRM app does more than keep customer data in one place—it helps businesses drive sales, retain customers, and expand their customer base.

FieldRoutes’ comprehensive platform gives pest control business owners the tools to improve efficiency and maximize profit. Its CRM capabilities provide complete visibility, boost sales opportunities, and increase customer satisfaction. 

Connect CRM with the rest of your business operations to streamline processes and smash your revenue targets.

Ready to maximize the potential of your pest control business? Schedule a free demo to see how.

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