3 Ways to Use Technology to Transform Commercial Pest Control

It’s a well-known fact that for most pest control companies, the commercial facilities they treat are their most important contracts, with single deals often accounting for thousands of dollars in annual revenue. Unlike private residences that generally get treatments scheduled every month, commercial properties often require far more frequent service to maintain compliance, sometimes even every week.

Although they share the same basic goal of creating a pest-free environment, residential and commercial pest control vary wildly in terms of scope and requirements. Commercial building managers also have to keep comprehensive records of everything that goes on inside them to ensure they stay compliant with government and other regulatory agencies and will also have very specific needs that must be met depending on the function of the facility.

Luckily, while the idea of taking on a commercial contract can seem overwhelming for many pest control companies, pest control software and technology make it easier than ever for pest control companies of all sizes to survive and thrive in the commercial sector.

We’ve identified three ways pest control companies can leverage software to build and grow a successful commercial pest control business. 

Accurate, Accessible Data with Paperless Trend Reporting

Success in commercial pest control relies on the clients, the pest control company, and the technicians in the field all having access to accurate and reliable data to let them know precisely where their service efforts are going and whether those efforts are effective. 

While many pest control companies have binders full of information about their commercial clients, finding the exact details you need when you need them can be a time-consuming and challenging process. To accurately diagnose the situation and stay on top of it as conditions change, it’s not enough that the data exists–it has to be easily accessible.

This is where paperless trend reporting comes in. Paperless trend reporting allows on-site technicians to report examples of pest-conducive conditions, pest evidence, and pest activity as they’re found, list the products they used or other steps taken to address the issue and note the responsible party is for fixing any problems they find.

These reports are then immediately accessible by both the pest control company and the property manager so that everyone involved in the treatment process gets a complete view of the status of the facility.

Utilize a Customer Portal

One of the most effective steps your pest control company can take to improve commercial customer satisfaction and decrease billing and collection difficulties is to provide them with an easy-to-use customer portal. Commercial customers are busy professionals; respect their time and needs by making it easy to do business with you. Technology should provide them visibility to schedules, invoices, payments, service notifications, and trend reporting.

Customize Your Agreements

You can immediately impress commercial clients by using customized digital agreements instead of the cookie-cutter forms of the past. By incorporating your logo and your specific terms, you get exactly what you need while presenting an extremely professional image.

Focusing on commercial business is a smart move, but it can be daunting to take on the administrative details that naturally accompany these clients. It’s worth the time and effort to consider your current practices and make changes to effectively and efficiently serve these customers. The result is expanded business growth and a greater share of your local pest control market.

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