Personalize Your Customer Communication

In earlier blogs this month, I wrote about the importance of automated communications and how they help streamline your pest control business.

But just because your customer communication requires automation for efficiency, doesn’t mean it can’t be personal. If you’re asking yourself if personalization really matters, then take a look at the results from this survey on the top five benefits of personalization. Of those surveyed:

  • 55% saw an increase in visitor engagement
  • 55% had improved customer experience
  • 39% had improved brand perception
  • 51% saw an increase in conversion rates and lead generation
  • 46% saw an increase in customer acquisition

With pest control software, you can personalize your communications during various steps of the customer journey. For example:

  • Contracts – You can customize all of your contracts and include a personalized welcome letter that each customer will receive once they sign a contract.
  • Completed Service Notifications – Customers will receive a personalized email once their service is complete.
  • Account Statements – Invoices and statements can also be personalized according to the customer and their service treatment plan.

But personalization is more than just adding your customer’s name and address to an email or contract. It’s about communicating the right message at the right time to the right people using the right communication channel. Do you want to remind your customers a week before their invoice payment is due? What about notifying them that they’re going to collections for a past due account? Trigger rules enable you to perform automatic actions on your customer accounts, prompting them for renewals, applying late fees, sending messages to customers with past-due balances, or sending appointment reminders. These actions take place automatically at the frequency you set.

With trigger rules, you can automate your accounts receivables by setting the configurations to send customized email automatically, SMS text, voice, or mail messages based on a customer’s balance, balance age, or the number of days your customer is overdue. Renewals for subscriptions can be automated to remind your customers before or after the subscription date or an appointment for the subscription is due. Appointment reminders can be customized so that your technician checks-in and checks-out with the customer before and after the appointment. You can set a personalized phone message reminding them of their appointment a week before, an email reminder to go out a couple of days before, and a text reminder the day of the appointment.

In the end, understanding your customers’ preferred form of communication goes a long way to creating a positive customer experience. Finding the balance between automation and personalization will ensure your pest control company maintains a high level of customer service while taking advantage of an automated technology.

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