Modern Business Operations Are Critical for Pest Control Companies

The impacts of COVID-19 are far reaching, and for many businesses it has completely changed the way they must operate.

Although pest control has been deemed an essential business in most states, that doesn’t mean the day-to-day processes have not been impacted.

You care about your customers and your employees’ health, which means you’re likely taking precautions to keep your staff away from the office and minimize or eliminate their physical interaction with customers. If you’re still using paper to operate your business, you’ll likely find this to become more and more challenging, not only as you try to protect everyone from spreading the virus, but the simple mechanics of why you’re using it – invoices, statements, route sheets, marketing collateral, etc.

This is the best time to innovate, and quite frankly, it’s critical to getting through this time. Get pest control business management software on the Cloud and maximize your time and budget. You can automate pest control scheduling, service, payment reminders and set customers up on autopay – in person human interaction free.

Before this pandemic hit, I recorded a short video on why you can’t afford skyrocketing paper costs. It’s more relevant than ever now.

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