Make Old School Marketing Work in This Whole New World

Aug 31, 2021
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SEO Title | Make Old School Marketing Work in This Whole New World
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You already run a business. Between employees, customers, and budgets, you have plenty on your plate. Times are changing, and technology is progressing. In addition, your customers’ needs are evolving too. Continually coming up with new and innovative ways to grow your business and reach customers can be overwhelming. The good news is that you don’t always have to start from scratch. Sometimes the best strategy is to work smarter, not harder. Stop trying to reinvent the wheel when a strong foundation has already been set. This is your opportunity to take a deep dive into some of the marketing strategies that you have likely put to the side or have even forgotten about, and reimagine them to make them work for you, your business, and your audience today and into the future.

Make Your Presence Known with Signs

Some people say that if you build it, they will come. The reality is that if people don’t even know that something has been built, they aren’t coming. Your signage is your opportunity to put a stake in the ground and announce your business’ presence. As your audience moves through the physical world, you want to be seen, recognized, and remembered. Pay close attention to your design, as colors and symbols have a way of evoking certain emotions. While signs are a traditional type of marketing, the right one can have a powerful effect in pulling on people’s heartstrings. Be thoughtful in the type of response that you are looking for and allow that to guide the decisions you make regarding your signs. And remember that even with something as simple as a sign, you can still think outside of the box. There are even signs that move these days, whether they’re spinning right outside of your business or on a vehicle wrap. Whatever route you decide to go with your signs, just remember that every time someone sees your sign, they see your business.

Go Big with Billboards

If you’ve ever wondered if bigger is better, this is an opportunity for you to test it out. Much like signs, billboards represent your business, but in a bigger way. Whether they are on the road for work, play, or anything in between, your goal with a billboard is to strategically position yourself where your audience is so that you can promote your services in a big, memorable way. Keep in mind that your audience will be on the move when they see your billboard. As a result, it is important for your messaging and visuals to be clear and concise. Ask yourself what you can do to capture and hold your audience’s attention after they’ve passed your billboard. Once you’ve come up with your answer, do it!

Speak to Your Audience Through Radio

Radio has been around for a long time, and it continues to evolve and expand its reach. It can do the same for your business. People still listen to AM and FM radio in their cars, but satellite radio, podcasts, and online radio stations are also available. In addition to these new radio spaces, people aren’t restricted to just listening in their cars. Whether at the gym, on a walk, out on the beach, or even while at work, your audience has access to the radio. And your business can meet them at each point of access. A radio ad or sponsorship will weave your brand into your current and potential customers’ daily lives as they’re consuming audio content, no matter where it is.

Let Your People Promote for You

Making your brand seen and recognized by consumers is an excellent marketing goal. It’s even better when you can make it happen with free advertising. Giving away promotional swag creates a mutually beneficial relationship with your employees and consumers. You give them free merchandise with your company’s branding, and in return, they give free organic marketing. Promotional swag—like coffee mugs or fridge magnets—can also give your brand visibility in your customers’ homes and businesses and keep your brand top of mind as they go about their day. 

Give Your Audience a Reason

Sometimes people need help when it comes to deciding to take action. An incentive may be just the thing to get them from just thinking to actually moving. Offering incentives such as free quotes or inspections, buy one get one free offer, discount coupons, seasonal deals, or loyalty cards will encourage potential customers to take action and purchase your products or services. You can share these incentives through branded postcards and flyers in addition to online content.

Put Your Message on Paper

Paper was first invented centuries ago, but it still has its place in conveying your message and sharing your brand. One way to do this is with the use of flyers. They are an easy and inexpensive way to advertise your brand and share promotional materials with your local community, including your current and potential customers.

Business cards are another way to get your brand in the public’s hands. You can use them for networking or even leaving them at other local businesses as a way to promote your brand and share your contact information. Even with the advent of social media platforms, a large segment of the population still appreciates a professional business card that they can save and refer back to.

Along those same lines, despite the faster speed of email, you can still be strategic in using traditional mail by sending postcards, letters, and promotional items to existing and potential customers. And while email may be free, the click-through rate is only two or three percent, with a response rate of less than one percent. On the contrary, direct mail comes with a response rate of over five percent. This is your opportunity to get into people’s homes and stay on their minds with things like refrigerator magnets and holiday promotions that could become permanent fixtures in their households.

Build Your Reputation

Your reputation could quite possibly be the most important marketing strategy of all. Over time, it is developed with consistency in being trustworthy, helpful, and having the customer’s well-being in mind. Whether you meet your audience face-to-face, on a phone call, a social media post, or through the mail or email, the person on the other end wants to know that you are a person of your word and that they can count on your products or services to work. One way to build your reputation is with product demonstrations. This is a chance for your customers to see your product in action and to find out if it does everything you say it does. Likewise, it’s an authentic way for you to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise.

There are many marketing strategies to choose from. Just remember that you don’t have to start from scratch each time. Working with Lobster Marketing will provide you with an expertly trained team when it comes to all things marketing. We will look at what you’re doing now, where you want to go, and help you create and implement a plan on how to get there. Let us help you create a dynamic approach to your marketing strategy that combines old-school techniques with an online presence that breathes new life into your business. Contact us today!

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