Diversify Your Pest Control Marketing Strategies To Get More Leads

When you’re working on a plan to generate more leads for your company you’ll be faced with deciding how to divide your strategies between inbound and outbound marketing.

Inbound marketing strategies are those that earn interest and interaction. These include blogging, social media, and referrals.

Outbound marketing is also commonly thought of as “traditional” marketing. These are things like television commercials, billboards and print advertisements that push your message out to your audience.

Although outbound marketing is still widespread and accessible, it’s declining in effectiveness. Consider the fact that 86% of people now skip through television commercials. It’s also interesting to note that 84% of 25-34-year-olds have clicked out of a website because of an “irrelevant or intrusive ad.”

Although outbound marketing can be more expensive than inbound marketing, it still plays a role in your success.

Having a booth at your community’s lawn and garden show can be an effective way to communicate directly with people who are actively interested in an area where you have expertise. Create an engaging display and be armed with information relevant to the seasonal pest issues that are common in your community.

Email marketing to connect with prospective customers is another traditional outbound method that can result in strong leads for your business. One study showed that according to 80 percent of professionals, email marketing is a driver of customer acquisition and retention. Craft short, personalized, engaging emails and get them to the inboxes of the potential clients in your area.

Finally, don’t forget about wrapping your vehicles in eye-catching vinyl to serve as a mobile billboard that reaches every corner of your community.

Although outbound marketing can still bring in some great successes, inbound marketing is showing the biggest results among today’s pest management professionals.

This is because the leads generated are often high value, interested, and more prepared to schedule services. With inbound marketing, you are focused on creating interactions that are relevant and helpful to prompt action by your prospective customers.

A big part of your inbound strategy should be content marketing – things like an informative blog and helpful, engaging social media content. Focus on creating relevant content and pushing it out via your digital channels. You can give this content a real boost by boosting posts on social media and paying for your content to be presented to targeted digital audiences. Facebook and Google Ads are great tools for making this happen.

Speaking of Google Ads, paying for your content to appear in search engine results is a great way to place you in front of your ideal audience at the time they’re thinking of your services.

When you have a targeted, disciplined strategy that optimizes the most effective aspects of both outbound and inbound marketing, your PCO will be positioned to capture more of your market and charge ahead on growing your business.

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