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Dec 16, 2021
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What can you do as a lawn care professional to make your customers’ grass greener and thicker? There's no end to what has to be done, from weed management to seasonal clean-ups. However, you can easily transform grass into a bright and healthy yard by offering local lawn fertilization services.

It's not as simple as just watering the grass to have a luscious green lawn. That’s why your customers need you, the expert. The local growing conditions in your location, as well as the particular qualities of the property, such as grass type and soil quality, require a lawn care professional to design a fertilization strategy. Their lawn will receive all of the nutrients needed to grow with a lawn fertilizer service from local professionals like you.

What Does A Lawn Fertilizing Service Do?

It's time to bring in the specialists if they’re thinking of fertilizing their lawn and feel like they’re in over their head. Fertilizing service professionals understand what sort of fertilizer lawns need, how much to apply, and when and how often to apply it. Lawn fertilizer gives lawns the nutrients it needs to keep healthy and strong in order to thrive throughout any season. As a result, professional lawn fertilizer services are an essential component of any comprehensive home lawn care program. Here’s a breakdown of what these services should include for your customer.

Yard Analysis

A lawn care specialist will visit the home and perform a thorough study of the grass and the soil beneath it.

Treatment Plan

Create a one-of-a-kind lawn care service plan for the customer, detailing what to expect from each treatment based on their yard’s specific needs.

Lawn Maintenance

You, as the lawn fertilizer service professional, should visit every 6-8 weeks and offer the customer a detailed report on all lawn services completed, including pest and weed control, using your high-quality supplies and equipment.

You'll want to set up a program because proper fertilizing is a year-round commitment. Most fertilizing services will put customers’ yards on a pre-planned schedule, keeping their grass healthy for years to come.

The Benefits of Lawn Fertilization

Fertilization is essential for more than simply maintaining a healthy-looking lawn. It helps with durability and water retention by strengthening the root structure. Many people are unaware that fertilizer may also help with weed management, preventing the growth of undesirable plants by making your grass grow thick and healthy. Here are a few of the top benefits you should provide as an experienced lawn fertilizing service.

Disease Resistance

Fertilizers are just as important to grass as water and sunlight. To develop and thrive, a lawn needs essential nutrients, including nitrate, potassium, and phosphorus. The grass will be better protected from illness, have a higher stress tolerance, and be less susceptible to diseases if it receives the proper nutrients.

Overall Growth

It's uncommon to discover thick and robust grass in one region yet thin and sparse in another, but when it happens, it is primarily related to a nutritional deficiency. Because a homeowner may not evenly distribute nutrients throughout the soil on their own, it is beneficial to fertilize using the best lawn fertilizer service like yours to get this right the first time around. This will not only improve the health of their lawn but also ensure that it grows evenly.

Oxygen Production

We all like breathing clean, fresh air. A lush, green lawn can aid in the production of more oxygen. Furthermore, healthy grass contributes to the area's air purification.

Protect the Soil

Plants and grass receive nutrients from the earth as they develop. As a result, fertilizers are an excellent lawn maintenance option. You can reduce soil runoff by fertilizing lawns, and it will also replace the nutrients found in grass, ensuring that it is healthy and lush.

Resistance to Vermin and Pest

Pests are less likely to harm healthy grass that has been adequately fertilized. Proper fertilizer ensures that the lawn is thick, vibrant, and healthy, making pests and insects more difficult to infest. Even if the lawn has been damaged by pests, disease, or other external factors, sticking to a regular fertilization program can help it recover quickly.

Weed Control

Believe it or not, you can control weeds with the use of lawn fertilizers. They also supply vital nutrients to the plants, allowing them to grow thick and robust, increasing grass density. Furthermore, well-nourished plants have deep, strong roots and are less susceptible to weed infestations.

Your lawn fertilizer service exists to help customers maintain a green, lush, and healthy lawn. Hiring a professional like yourself will provide homeowners with expertise and resources to examine the condition and health of their yard and recommend necessary methods to keep it in excellent shape. You’ll also be able to propose the best lawn fertilizers for ensuring plants and grass develop quickly and adequately.

When Should A Homeowner Hire A Professional Lawn Fertilizer?

Fertilizer treatments are a crucial part of grass care. A homeowner can decide what sort of fertilizer their lawn needs once they’ve determined their soil requirements and grass type. Grass clippings, for example, can be used to fertilize, although a nitrogen fertilizer may be necessary. The stumbling block is that utilizing the wrong fertilizer might do significant damage to their lawn.

It's tempting to believe that lawn fertilization is as simple as sprinkling some store-bought fertilizer over the grass on a sunny Saturday morning. But choosing the right fertilizer for their lawn’s needs is more complicated than buying a generic fertilizer at the store. And depending on the size of the yard, the work might take hours to accomplish, and it will need to be done over and over again at strategically specified intervals. Not to mention that the homeowner will have to purchase the equipment and fertilizers upfront, which they’ll have to research and pay for on their own.

Under normal circumstances, hiring a professional lawn fertilizer service to preserve the luster of their grass is a superior alternative for the average homeowner. This is one aspect of their house upkeep that they may feel comfortable outsourcing due to their lack of expertise and the affordable pricing you provide. When it comes to having work done on their lawn, hiring a professional is the only way to ensure professional results. They may save money by doing the job themselves, but if the work isn't done effectively, they may end up wasting money and time fixing the damage. Here are a few reasons homeowners shouldn’t try to fertilize their own lawn and why they should opt for an experienced lawn fertilizer service.

Time and Energy

They will save time and work by hiring a professional service. Instead of working in their yard, they may spend time with their family, pursue their interests, or do anything they like.


A professional lawn fertilizer service provider can perform a high-quality soil test to diagnose any concerns their lawn may have. That way, they’ll have the most effective fertilization method and won't waste time guessing.

Knowledge and Experience

If they employ pros, they can create an optimum fertilization program for the homeowner’s lawn, eliminating the need to guess the best time of year, weather, and growing conditions. For instance, it would be best if you fertilize their cool-season grass in the fall if they have it. You should fertilize warm-season grass in the late spring or early summer. Additionally, breaking down the complex components on product labels can be highly complex. Professionals are familiar with all of the products and can administer them effectively and appropriately.

Professional Equipment

Professionals have access to tools and things like a commercial-grade lawn fertilizer that a homeowner may not have.

Guaranteed Work

If they try to do this on their own, they could end up with terrible outcomes. You, as a professional, work in this field for a livelihood and have the knowledge and expertise to perform the fertilizing service correctly every time. As a service provider, you can even supply them with a warranty to assure their complete satisfaction.

What Is The Average Lawn Fertilizer Service Cost?

The cost of lawn fertilizer services will be determined by several factors, including where the customer resides, the type of treatment they select (organic treatments are often more expensive), and the size of their lawn. Lawns require fertilizer because grass may absorb all of the nutrients from the soil over time. You can restore their lawn to its former splendor with the appropriate lawn treatment and fertilizer. Here are a few options when it comes to types of fertilizer.

Quick-Release Fertilizer

Quick-release fertilizer is constructed of synthetic ingredients that provide nitrogen to plants almost immediately after application. It can improve the beauty of their lawn as soon as you apply it. However, releasing nutrients into the soil too rapidly can cause leaching and harm to the ecosystem, and using too much fertilizer might cause grass to burn. The effects, unlike other fertilizers, only last two to four weeks.

Slow-Release Fertilizer

Natural or synthetic slow-release fertilizers are available. Slow-release fertilizer does not provide instant benefits, but it has a longer-lasting effect—up to six to eight weeks or more. It gradually delivers nutrients dependent on the ambient temperature and moisture conditions. This fertilizer does not stress lawns since it releases nutrients slowly and regularly. Because it is less prone to leak from the soil, this fertilizer is better for the environment than quick-release fertilizers.

Organic Fertilizer

Organic fertilizer, as opposed to synthetic fertilizer, is made out of organic components. Microbes and fungi decompose the waste, releasing nutrients into the soil gradually. Organic fertilizers are more expensive than standard fertilizers, and they take longer to produce effects. However, the results might persist for up to six weeks. Organic fertilizer is beneficial to soil health because it adds structure and improves water movement.


Granular fertilizers are tiny pellets of "dry fertilizers." They are distributed on the ground in both synthetic and natural forms. Before it can release the nutrients, the pellets must break down. Granular fertilizers are often cheaper than their liquid counterparts.


Liquid fertilizers are widely used for a variety of reasons. The quantities of nutrients in each drop of liquid concentrate are the same, whereas granular fertilizer pellets may have greater variance. Liquid fertilizers allow nutrients to travel more freely through the soil, allowing the soil to absorb them more quickly. Liquid fertilizer can be applied to the ground or straight to the leaves.

DIY vs. Lawn Fertilizer Service Cost

This one may be more difficult to calculate because fertilizers come in various brands and sorts, and you can't just buy a bag of fertilizer that contains the precise quantity you need for one lawn. However, here are some average prices:

  • A bag of fertilizer can cost anywhere from $6 to $26

  • A walk-behind broadcast spreader can cost $100 to $300

  • A hand spreader can cost anywhere from $10 to $75

In the end, DIY is always the most cost-effective option initially. However, this does not always imply that it is more cost-efficient for the homeowner in the long run. It's money wasted if they perform a poor job or don't obtain the outcomes they expect, not to mention the additional money you’ll charge for fixing their lawn. The cost of routine fertilization varies based on a variety of factors. The lawn care fertilizer service provider, the size of the lawn, and the number of treatments they're having are all factors that can impact their fee. While they should expect to budget between $40 and $60 for every application, it's best to offer a quote before you take on a contract.

How To Provide The Best Lawn Fertilizer Service For Their Home

When filtering through providers to locate the finest lawn fertilizer service for their home, there are a few guidelines to keep in mind in terms of what homeowners tend to do:

  • Do their homework. There is no replacement for conducting thorough research. If one of the service businesses piques their curiosity, they’re likely to dig a little deeper before making a selection.

  • There's nothing wrong with shopping for quotes. Even though service providers provide pre-packaged plans, they should always receive a unique quote for the job they want. The greatest indicator of what they'll need is having an expert representative from your company come out and examine their grass.

  • Check to see if the service they've chosen is available in their state. A quick Google search can provide them with the information they are looking for in regard to their area of residence.

  • Talk to their next-door neighbor, who has the best-kept grass. Referrals from individuals they know and trust might help them locate the perfect lawn care service. They could even be eligible for a referral discount.

In the long run, long-term contracts save the customer money and build your bottom line as well. Annual treatment programs may cut costs and provide you peace of mind by ensuring that your lawn fertilizer service business is bringing in consistent revenue.

If you are a lawn fertilizing service provider and looking for ways to improve your operations to continually deliver outstanding service, FieldRoutes is here to help. Whether it's pest control or lawn care, we offer an end-to-end solution that will keep your company on solid ground. If you want to make your life easier, our lawn care software is the one for you. Contact FieldRoutes today to learn more about our simple-to-use software that can help your company expand and scale successfully.

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