Intelligent Routing Leads to an Efficient Day

Business EfficiencyJune 25, 2020

Pest control business owners face a plethora of challenges every day – a high volume of customer appointments to organize, rising fuel costs, technicians and vehicles to manage, and tight timelines.

Intelligent routing software takes all of these challenges into account and works to find the best possible route to help technicians service their customers faster. Technicians with optimized routes often save time and money while providing better customer service.

However, with so much changing in the world, it’s imperative that intelligent routing keeps innovating to keep up with the demand from PMPs. As seen in Pest Management Professional magazine, “PMPs will demand continued innovation in their routing software as the best algorithms of today will become relics over the next few years. Additionally, as the Internet of Things (IoT) movement continues to gain traction, there will be more demand for real-time connectivity and data sharing. Just as Waze has crowdsourced a better driving experience, you will see routing solutions with the ability to gather real-time traffic data and adjust routes on the fly to account for changing factors as the day unfolds.”

The PestRoutes® platform makes it easy to plan routes for your technicians. Intelligent Routing can be used to bulk schedule your customers. It allows you to assign an area of customers by a preferred technician or region, then creates pre-built routes that are efficiently optimized. PestRoutes Intelligent Routing includes the following: 

  1. Visual Grouping – Assign an area of customers to a preferred technician or region.  
  2. Intelligent Routing – Create the most efficient routes based on the maximum number of stops or a maximum number of minutes per route.  
  3. Assign Planned Routes – Assign these routes to the technicians.   

Additionally, Fill Routes is one of the most powerful ways to schedule your customers in the PestRoutes platform. Like Intelligent Routing, Fill Routes creates optimized routes for you. It is unique in that it also schedules the routes and considers both existing appointments and jobs that are due when finding the most optimal routes, all in one step. Simply set your parameters and then hit the Fill Routes button. Fill Routes also offers the ability to force a preferred technician for your customers.

Lastly, scheduling your technicians is as easy as drawing a circle around your customers that are due for service. Our latest feature, the Map View Schedule, is designed to make creating, optimizing, and viewing routes easy. The tool combines the powerful job pool with the map, which gives the scheduler the ability to see and plan the routes they are managing with precision and ease. Within the Map View Schedule feature, you can schedule by individually selecting appoints, using the drawing tool feature, or using the drag and drop feature.

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