Hire A Hero Today

November 11th, Veterans Day, is a day set aside to thank and honor our living veterans who served honorably in the military.

If you haven’t done so already, you should consider hiring them. Veterans make great employees because they not only receive leadership training and people skills, but due to the increased use of technology in the military, veterans bring a highly technical skillset to the civilian workforce. This becomes an asset as the pest control industry embraces technology.  

A SHRM Foundation study found that veterans have one of the highest return on investments. This is due to multiple reasons:

Veterans have strong organizational skills. Military life is full of structure and organization, while military operations require thorough planning and workload management. Running a successful pest control business needs all those qualities to operate smoothly.  Hiring a veteran can ensure you’re getting someone that can implement and appreciate those values.

Veterans have advanced team-building skills. Working as a team is one of the most important lessons a veteran will learn during their service in the military. That’s because effective teamwork can be a matter of life or death in the middle of combat. Clearly, the stakes aren’t as high in the civilian business world when you’re working with your colleagues, but the principles are the same. Companies can’t accomplish their goals relying on just one person and veterans understand how to bring a diverse group of people together to work towards a common goal.

Veterans are adaptable. Military campaigns require a lot of planning, but when their focus changes, they need to adapt and change on demand. Like most industries and businesses these days, pest control is changing all the time. Being able to adjust and adapt is a highly desired skillset in business. This quality can give veterans an edge because they know how to use their skills effectively in different types of situations.

Veterans can handle stressful situations. Nothing could be more stressful than having an enemy aiming for you during combat. Even under this kind of duress, veterans are trained to keep their focus. This kind of experience means veterans are more likely to remain calm in the workplace even on the most busiest or stressful days.

Veterans have experience in diverse work environments. Today’s armed forces are comprised of men and women who represent a diverse backgrounds as it relates to race, ethnicity, culture, education, and language. Because of this, veterans tend to be more accepting of individual differences. In addition, many veterans speak more than one language due to their extensive travel overseas.  


The experience a veteran receives in the military makes them ideal employees and we should be talking to them about opportunities in pest control. Let’s honor veterans with jobs, not just salutes.

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