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When pest control companies start using mobile technology solutions to support their business, they find that they're getting more done in less time. Their employees are happier and more productive, and their customers are more satisfied and more likely to become repeat clients.

Technology has advanced in many ways in the last 15 years. It’s become more sophisticated while becoming more accessible and part of our everyday lives. Pest control companies who use mobile technology to handle many of their operational needs can shift their focus to scaling their business instead of just keeping things running and getting through the season. That’s why it’s becoming less and less common for businesses across all industries to operate without the assistance of mobile technology. 

There are two big areas where mobile technology can improve your operations: efficiency and effectiveness. A recent study on enterprise mobility showed that when businesses use mobile technology, they experience a 30% increase in process efficiency and a 23% increase in employee productivity.


Going mobile means technicians will have all the information they need to do their job at their fingertips at all times. They know where they’re going, when they should be there, and exactly what to expect once they arrive. They’re also able to input notes and check off jobs for completion, giving the office the ability to see exactly where they’ve been and how the day has gone. 

Sales professionals can keep up with their goals and sign up new customers without traditional paperwork. They stay hungry and motivated as they can see how the rest of the team is performing compared to them. With everyone on the same page, there is never any question about what is getting done and what tomorrow will look like.

Additionally, the instant connection with the office and the paperless nature of the new technology means fewer mistakes, faster responsiveness, and more accurate reporting.

Finally, features like automated technician routing eliminate the tedious and time-consuming task of figuring out the best daily schedule for each of your technicians. With the optimized routes, the company can be sure technicians are maximizing the number of service calls they can complete in a day.

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