Cyber Monday: The Time to Get Ready is NOW!

The Time to Get Ready is NOW! 

Perhaps you equate Cyber Monday with thoughts of employees slyly trying to get away with some covert shopping at work or with the lucky people still at home in their pajamas relishing in the last day of their Thanksgiving vacation scouring the Internet for discounts on clothing and electronics in hopes of crossing everything off of their Christmas lists. The truth is that, to a great degree, both of those are accurate descriptions. But people are shopping for more than clothing and electronics on Cyber Monday. They’re looking for discounts on any and everything that is of value to them in their lives, and that includes what your pest control business has to offer.

Why is Cyber Monday Important? first coined the phrase Cyber Monday in 2005. This was a time when many people were still using dial-up service. Fast forward to 2017 and 2018, and Cyber Monday was the biggest shopping day of the year, outpacing both Black Friday and the day after Christmas with $8 billion in sales in 2018. And on the whole, just five years ago, 244 million consumers browsed or bought items online. In other words, your would-be customers are looking to shop, and if you aren’t ready, you’re leaving money on the table. 

How Can Your Business Prepare?

Your leads may know who you are, but the question is, “are they aware of your Cyber Monday offerings?” It’s your job to make sure that not only are they aware but that they are also enticed.

Utilize Social Media

Almost one-third of shoppers polled reported that they would look at a company’s Facebook page to get additional information about Cyber Monday sales. The saying “Out of Sight, Out of Mind” rings true. Start promoting your offerings early on your social media platforms so that your customers know how and why to connect with your business on Cyber Monday.

Ensure Your Website is Up to Par

It is critical that your website is ready in terms of its capability to handle additional traffic and provide the information for which your would-be customers are looking. Prior to making a purchase, it is quite common for shoppers to look at what customers are saying about products. Make sure that your website has reviews and that they are easily accessible for the two-thirds of customers who said they check reviews before buying any products or services.

And if your website is not optimized for mobile usage, you are missing out on providing the best experience for shoppers. Forty-six percent of Cyber Monday shoppers will shop with a mobile device. A survey conducted by Forrester Research Inc. demonstrates that the variation in customer loyalty is directly related to the customer experience. Ensure that their online experience with you is a good one.

Ninety percent of retailers offer some sort of Cyber Monday sale. Time is ticking, and Cyber Monday is quickly approaching. Is your pest control business prepared? Now is the time to make sure it is.

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