Customer Retention: How to Know and Meet Their Needs

A strong, lasting relationship involves intentionality, and that is no different in the relationship between a company and its customers.

The importance of the connection between these two parties is highlighted on Get to Know Your Customers Day which is observed annually on the third Thursday of every quarter. Creating a strong, productive relationship between your company and your customers does not have to be difficult or overly complicated. In fact, it is as simple as knowing and meeting their needs. And let’s be clear, companies who know their customers do better. It doesn’t just benefit the customer; it also increases the bottom line for your company.

How to Know Your Customer

One way to know your customers is by creating a customer profile. This engages your customer by getting them to provide information about themselves that helps you as a business to know and meet their needs. Information could include things such as pets, hobbies, family backgrounds, interests, and social media preferences.  

Organizations that prioritize customer experience produce 60 percent greater profits than their competitors. Have you attempted to look at situations from your customers’ point of view? Reflect on the types of experiences you offer. What are the points of contact customers have with your organization? Social media, emails, direct mail, ads, web, even customer service—these are all opportunities to not only provide information to your customers but also to get a gauge of their experience. How are they responding? Are they responding? What is the response rate?

Direct interaction between techs and customers is one of the best opportunities to foster a mutually beneficial relationship between your company and your customers. Techs are able to have conversations with customers directly asking them about their needs and any changes they’re experiencing. Likewise, it’s a chance to answer questions, provide instructions, and show that your company cares. The goal here is for customers to understand that while you are a pest control company, you’re also people who relate to and care about their individual experiences.

While direct contact in person is always great, it isn’t the only way to communicate and interact with customers. According to MIT Technology Review, the average American spends 24 hours a week online. And the time only continues to rise as the years go by with the average time spent going from 9.4 hours to 23.6 between 2000 and 2018. This population includes your customers. And if your customers are online, you have to meet them there as well.

It is important to remain professional and responsive on your social media platforms. Acknowledging customers as more than just another comment, and as real people can go a long way in making them feel valued. If you want to take that value to the next level, strategically plan ways to get them involved in improving the relationship between them and your company. Surveys and online reviews are a way to find out how they feel your company is currently doing and what can be done to provide better service and support.

The average business loses 15 percent of its customers each year, but that definitely doesn’t have to include yours. Intentionality in the effort to enhance your customers’ lives goes far in not only building but also in maintaining the relationship. Follow the acronym K.I.S.S.—Keep It Super Simple. Take Get to Know Your Customers Day as an extra opportunity to know their needs, then spend the rest of the year meeting those needs.

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