Benefits of Route Optimization

If you’ve been planning your technicians’ routes with a pencil and paper, then you know this isn’t the best use of your time.

For one, it’s a cumbersome task that takes hours, or possibly days, to complete. Second, you can’t guarantee your routes are 100% accurate, which causes your customers to be frustrated because your technicians are late. This leads to bad reviews, and next time they will seek out your competitor. Not only that, but inaccurate routes also lead to increased fuel expenses and miles. When you choose the right route optimization software, you will start seeing the benefits immediately, including but not limited to:    

Eliminating Human Error 

Computer programs are better than human beings at catching errors. Route management software ensures your addresses are 100% accurate. Finding incorrect addresses during the route planning process allows you to solve the issue before your technician drives to the wrong location. Route management software prevents mistakes from damaging your business’ reputation.  

Reduction in Mileage

In the simplest of terms, route management software yields more efficient routing. More efficient routing means fewer miles driven by your technicians, which means you use less fuel and lower your fuel costs. This combination can be a significant cost savings tool for your business, whether fuel prices are low or high.  

Improved Customer Service

Route planning solutions help your business meet tight schedules and help businesses to make changes to a planned route schedule on-demand so your business can handle emergencies with ease, keeping customers happy. Intelligent route optimization tools ensure that the right technician gets to the right customer at the right time. This allows you to tighten service windows given to customers and increases on-time arrival rates.

Increased Productivity

Compared to manually designed routes, the latest in route management software can reduce the amount of time you spend on planning your technicians’ appointments. Increasing complexities in route needs make it critical to have an effective and quick solution to determine the best routes for each property – based on the technician, appointment, and time of day. Route management software can take over this process with the benefits of real-time data, all while freeing up your time to tackle other critical tasks for your business.  

Route optimization is a complicated and complex problem. Choosing the right route optimization software can save you thousands of dollars a month in office management time, technician time, gas, and lost opportunities. 

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