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Introducing Our New Mission Video

What makes a business legendary?

We believe it’s about the people and the importance of their work.

At FieldRoutes, we recognize you and your business.

  • Your work is essential.

  • Your work protects health and property.

  • Your work is memorable.

  • Your work leaves an impact.

  • Your business is legendary.

At FieldRoutes, we strive to provide more than software. We deliver the time-saving, efficiency-boosting growth solutions your business needs.

We recognize your right to make your mark and achieve your goals. We empower you to grow your customer base, create a legacy, serve our communities, and still make it home in time for dinner.

We’re Ready For Our Close-Up

If you've visited recently, you may have noticed that things look a bit different. That's because we just gave it a nice tune up and a fresh coat of paint. One thing you'll notice right away is that the site now features a new star of the show, you, our FieldRoutes customers. At FieldRoutes, we're all about highlighting you and your businesses. So, we've loaded the site with images of FieldRoutes customers doing what you do best, serving your communities with grade-A pest and lawn services. 

Haven't checked it out yet? Go ahead and give it a quick test drive.

Save The Date For FieldRoutes’ First-Ever User Conference

Our inaugural user conference, Ignite, will offer two full days of hands-on training on our industry-leading Operations and Marketing Suites, a look at industry trends to help you grow your business, networking events, and much more.

The event will be held in partnership with our sister company, Aspire, on November 7-9, 2023, at Caesar’s Forum in Las Vegas, NV.

Additional information, including registration and hotel details, will be provided in May. In the meantime, we encourage you to mark your calendars for what promises to be an immersive experience you won’t want to miss.

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Gain The Most Out Of Your FieldRoutes Customer Experience

Join the Pathfinder Network, our user community with over 30 members coming from many business types including pest control, lawn care, termite services, and of all sizes, from young, small businesses  to enterprise. The Pathfinder Network has an invite-only Facebook page where participants can give product feedback, help drive new ideas forward, and continue the conversation that starts at our monthly meetings. We encourage you to apply now and join us tomorrow, April 20 at 12 pm CT for our next meeting, where we’ll discuss routing and condition codes. If you can't make it tomorrow, that's OK. Apply and join us next month. Apply now.

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Field Famous Podcast

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Listen To Real-Life, Fame Worthy Stories

The Field Famous podcast made its debut on March 7 and we can’t be more excited about it. We have four full episodes available for you to listen to on your favorite podcast player. 

Our host, Dr. Christopher Fasano,  resident neuroscientist and the director of growth marketing for FieldRoutes, interviews industry leaders from different walks of life to hear their stories of reaching field fame. 

In episode 3, Breana Neerland of Kwik Kill Pest Control, digs deep into the benefits of working with family, advocating for technology, and the many benefits of efficiency. 

Episode 4 features Amanda Ragar, owner of Natural State Pest Control, who found out that hiring people smarter than yourself was the key to opening up her company for growth. 

In episode 5, our guest is Dan Baldwin, vice president of technical services for Hawx Pest Control. Listen in as he discusses the vital role of science in pest control, and making pest management more than a job.

Each success story is unique, and we’ll never get tired of hearing how pest and lawn heroes drive their businesses to success and reach their goals. Listen and subscribe to the podcast to hear more stories of field fame.  New episodes drop every other Tuesday, so be sure to follow or subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts.

If you’re interested in joining the podcast, we’d love to interview you for a future episode. Please email us at and we’ll connect to schedule a time to talk. 

Product Update

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Pre-Payments For Service Plans Just Got Better

New enhancements have been added to the FieldRoutes pre-payment functionality, including unique discounts by offer, flexible templates to customize your communications based on the service plan, and more. The new functionality will allow you to: 

  • Create one pre-payment offer for multiple service plans. Today, you can associate only one offer to one service plan.

  • Add an upsell to incentivize customers and expand your service reach. By offering an additional service at a discount, you give a more compelling reason to pre-pay and sell more services. 

  • Make different options available to encourage pre-payment. Customers can choose from one pre-payment offer at a certain discount and a second offer that includes an upsell service at a different discount.

  • Personalize the communication letter based on the plan. Tailor the email template to the specific service plan in Admin Preferences for a more personalized touch.

  • Personalize your mailing options. You’ll have flexible mailing options that will allow you to select either an email or print mail and choose to send them together or apart.

Increase Your Conversion Rates With FieldRoutes’ E-Commerce

Today’s consumers prefer the convenience of e-commerce since it gives them the ability to research and purchase at any time of the day without picking up the phone.  

What used to be a gap for pest control companies, is now a solution.  Last year, FieldRoutes built and launched an e-commerce solution designed specifically for field service industries.  Since then, our customers have seen a two-time  increase in conversion rates when utilizing the enhanced platform!  

Our e-commerce solution is very easy to implement and manage. We can begin to set up the platform in the next three business days after you approve the program. 

Take a look at this video to learn more. 

If you don’t currently use e-commerce for your business, now is the time to take advantage!  Click here to schedule a free consultation.

Maximize Growth With The FieldRoutes Mobile App

This is the perfect time to explore how you can use the FieldRoutes® Mobile app to maximize growth. 

Assign areas to sales reps to knock within, block areas from being available, and see area history with robust area management tools. Enable staff to add and convert prospects and use leaderboards to track rankings.

All this works seamlessly with the Operations Suite CRM for maximum efficiency.

“The new FieldRoutes Mobile app is awesome! The new and improved functionality saves us time while we are in the field. The app allows technicians to access customer information and schedule appointments with ease.”

– Christian Allan, Owner of Tailor Made Pest Control.

Learn more about how the FieldRoutes Mobile app can boost your sales by visiting the Knowledge Base from your FieldRoutes Operations Suite. 

What’s The Status On Your Marketing Strategy?

Busy season is upon us and you are ready to take on new customers, but is your marketing strategy ready?  If not, FieldRoutes growth marketing strategies will help you generate more leads and sales for your field service business.  We’ll build a marketing plan that helps you meet your growth objectives, develops your online presence, and gets you results with the latest trends and best practices in digital marketing.  We have over a decade of experience marketing for field service companies which means we create programs based on our experience and results from hundreds of programs in your industry. 

If you sign up for Marketing Suite before April 30, you get two months free. What are you waiting for? Click here to schedule a demo.

Recognize Your Field Employees With Tech Tipping

If you're a FieldRoutes Payments customer, you have an exciting feature that lets you incentivize your field employees to do more quality work. Tech Tipping allows your customers to recognize good work by including a tip for the employee at the time of payment or when they leave a review. This additional compensation for your employees does not come from your bottom line*. Keeping good field employees can be challenging, that’s why Tech Tipping can go a long way in helping with customer retention.

By compensating field employees, you encourage exceptional service. In turn, this can help build a trusting relationship between your customers and the services you offer, which could potentially result in the addition of even more services down the road.

If you're not using FieldRoutes Payments and want to see if we can meet or beat** your current rates, call us at 214.466.1765 ext. 1216 or email

*Taxes are not deducted from tips in the software. Please reference local tax guidelines for proper tax management. 

**Subject to a review of your processing statements and does not apply to merchant pricing below cost.

More About You And Your Data

We're committed: Not just to our customers, but also in encouraging other software providers to follow our lead in supporting customers' rights to their data. If you've missed reading our Data Declaration, catch up here

FieldRoutes also has issued a press release, reiterating our six-point pledge to allow customers to easily and efficiently extract their data if they decide to move to another provider but also inviting all pest control and lawn care providers to join us in this promise to the businesses we serve. Read the press release here.

Know a colleague who feels trapped by their current provider? Send them our way and let’s see how we can help. If they decide to sign up, you’ll both earn rewards.

Release Notes: What’s New?

We are introducing a new section to the Leaflet called Release Notes. Release Notes are published when a new feature or enhancement is released to keep you informed on changes to the product. 

You can access Release Notes at any time by logging into your Operations Suite software, opening up the Knowledge Base and choosing Release Notes

Customer Success

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FieldRoutes Stands With Pest Control Professionals On NPMA Legislative Day

FieldRoutes Chief Marketing Officer, Patti Newcomer, Sales Vice President, Max Glenn, ServSuite General Manager, Andy Deering, and Account Executive, Bob McEllhannon attended the 2023 National Pest Management Association (NPMA) Legislative Day activities in March, in Washington, D.C., to show FieldRoutes’ support of the pest control industry. 

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As a reminder, 2023 is a Farm Bill reauthorization year. This giant piece of legislation takes place twice per decade, and the NPMA asked for a strong showing of members to help get pesticide preemption passed and to push back against activists groups that want to limit the authority of the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA).

On the last day of the event, Patti Newcomer gave opening remarks at a panel discussion spotlighting success stories in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) sponsored by FieldRoutes and at the Professional Women In Pest Management (PWIPM) council meeting, also sponsored by FieldRoutes.  

Our social Culture Committee co-chair and Social Media Specialist, Michelle Nelson, also represented FieldRoutes at the United to Beat Malaria Leadership Summit in Washington, D.C. This was an opportunity to learn more about malaria – a preventable disease that kills a child nearly every minute of the day and disproportionately affects young children and mothers, pregnant women, refugees and internally displaced persons, hard-to-reach communities with little to no health care access, and frontline health workers who fight malaria in these communities.

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You can have a direct positive impact in the fight to end malaria by donating to  and taking action. 

We also invite you to meet us at the NPMA Women’s Forum on May 9-11 in Charleston, South Carolina,  to inspire, empower, and engage with women in the industry. Learn more

Don’t Wait Until Your A/R Report Is Out Of Control

A.R.M. Solutions is the exclusive collection agency of the National Pest Management Association (NPMA). Its seamless integration with FieldRoutes makes signing up take no time. 

A.R.M. Solutions is an expert system to control and prevent slow-paying customers and has proven to:

  • Substantially increase recovery of delinquent accounts

  • Preserve your customer relationships

  • Reduce internal costs

A.R.M. guarantees results or your money back. 

To schedule your free analysis with Andrea Dahlgren of A.R.M. Solutions today, click here. You can also watch the Automate Your A/R And Completely Change Your Bottom Line webinar led by Andrea Dahlgren here.

Tips & Tricks Series Webinar

Scheduling: Put Time On Your Technician's Side

Join Implementation Analyst, Nala Alfaro, as she demonstrates how to utilize FieldRoutes to keep up with your scheduling needs. Learn how to use the Job Pool, and all the different scheduling and routing techniques available in FieldRoutes. Save the date for Thursday, May 4, at 1 pm CT. Click here to register. 

The Future Of Keeping Your Business Safe

Join Enterprise Implementation Specialist, Nate Katebee, as he demonstrates how to utilize the FieldRoutes’ built-in security to keep your customers and data safe. We will demonstrate how to utilize two factor authentication, IP address login locations, access control profiles, and more. The webinar will take place on Thursday, May 18 at 1 pm CT. Click here to register. 

Helpful Resource Reminder – Status Report Page

In order to improve transparency and communication with our customers, our Support Team developed a Status Report Page in which you will find the most up-to-date information regarding the performance of the platform. Bookmark this page to stay updated at all times. If you have an issue, we suggest you go here first. If your issue isn’t updated there, please reach out to Support on 888. 997.5546.

Share Your Story

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Share Your Routes To Success

FieldRoutes wants to do more than help your business simplify, scale, and grow. We want to share your stories of success. 

In our ongoing effort to support our customers, we are looking for companies to highlight on FieldRoutes social media platforms. Do you have an interesting, challenging or scary pest control story? Or perhaps you’d like to do an interview, share your tips and tricks for using our software or take over our Instagram stories. If so, please reach out to Michelle Nelson, our Social Media Specialist, at to get more information. 

Your Stamp Of Approval Is Golden

Did you know that when you refer FieldRoutes to your peers it increases the likelihood they’ll sign up with us? Did you know you can earn rewards for referrals too? It’s true! When you make a qualified referral, you and your referral will both earn a $300 Gift Card* once they become an active customer. 

If your referral signs up with FieldRoutes within 90 days of their referral demo for either our Operations Suite or our Marketing Suite, they will be issued a $300 Gift Card for every suite they purchase. Learn more.

* Restrictions apply, see

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Bookmark this page so you never miss our exciting events!


Growth Series - Finding Your Company’s Sweet Spot And Firing Customers That Don’t Fit

Join Christeen Era, co-founder of Green Profit Academy for a bonus presentation of our last two-part webinar Growth Series, available here. Era will share how to identify your ideal customers and unique service offering, the importance of systematizing your business, and how only leveraging the three together will reveal your business’s sweet spot. Save the date for Thursday, May 11, at 1 pm CT and keep an eye on your inbox for the registration link.

Trade Shows

IGNITE, Aspire and FieldRoutes User Conference

Join us and our sister company, Aspire, on November 7-9, 2023 at Caesar’s Forum in Las Vegas, NV. Learn more

NPMA Women’s Forum 

From May 9-11, you can join the forum at the Charleston Marriott, in Charleston South Carolina. Learn more

Pest Control Operators Of California Expo

From June 21-23, you can attend the exposition at the Monterey Marriott Hotel in  Monterey, California. Learn more

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The FieldRoutes team’s efforts have been concentrated in bringing you an enhanced experience when navigating our new website. We will soon feature new content and blog posts, in the meantime, we encourage you to take a look at last year’s most popular blogs.

Click here to access all our blogs, and the links below to access our latest blogs.

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