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Nov 30, 2021
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Lawn mowing is the main income stream of thousands of experienced contractors across the country. One of the toughest aspects of starting a lawn mowing business is figuring out how much to charge for lawn mowing.

You need to turn a profit, but you also need to be competitive to secure regular business, especially when you are a small business just starting out. Let’s examine the average price for lawn mowing and a rough breakdown of various lawn care services.

Lawn Care Prices 

So, what is the average cost to mow a lawn?

Depending on the neighborhood you operate in and the area of the country, lawn care prices range from $50 to $250. Naturally, many factors go into determining the final price.

The lawn mowing services cost varies based on the local economy and the size of the lawn. The average also doesn’t take into account any additional lawn maintenance tasks, such as weeding, trimming, and landscaping.

Lawn Mowing Pricing Guide 

This lawn mowing price guide offers no more than ballpark figures. Typically, if a customer commits to a regular contract, they’ll expect to get a negotiated rate. The one-off lawn care cost will always be higher than someone who commits to a contract for a year.

Let’s take a look at some basic lawn care services prices from across the country:

  • Full-Service Lawn Care - $40-$449

  • Gardening - $30-$500

  • Landscaping and Design - $30-$4,500

  • Lawn Aeration - $30-$420

  • Lawn Mowing - $50-$250

  • Leaf Removal - $30-$550

  • Weeding – $40-$600

As you can see, lawn care services prices vary drastically. This is why the rule of thumb is that customers should consult several professionals to get an idea of what they will be charged.

Professionals trying to figure out how much to charge for lawn mowing need to find the sweet spot where they can make a profit but not be outdone by the local competition.

Lawn Care Pricing Chart 

Most homeowners underestimate how much time and effort it takes to properly maintain a lawn. For most people, cutting the grass alone isn’t enough to make their lawns stand out among their neighbors.

Anyone who’s houseproud needs to consider all the other services that go beyond simple lawn mowing.

Here’s a lawn care pricing chart to give you an idea of what it costs for some of the most popular lawn care services.

  • Landscape Edging - $700-$1,700

  • Lawn Fertilization - $80-$380

  • Mulching - $45-$750

  • Outdoor Pest Control - $50-$200

  • Spring/Fall Yard Cleaning - $100-$250

  • Sprinkler Repair - $45-$300

  • Tree Planting - $45-$2,000

  • Winterization - $80-$380

  • Watering - $50-$400

Professionals may choose to offer deep discounts for purchasing multiple services all at once. It really depends on how much time the job is likely to take and the specifics of the homeowner, especially with major landscaping jobs.

Lawn Care Costs: Things to Consider

Charging the right grass-cutting service price is key for professionals. You’ll need to maximize your earnings per hour, account for your overhead overhead costs, and ensure you’re making a regular profit.

Let’s take a look at some of the business costs contractors need to consider when thinking about lawn care prices.


Overhead and operational costs are a huge part of what goes into determining the lawn mowing services cost. Based on your expenses, figure out what the monthly overhead is going to be.

This includes everything from the cost of equipment to monthly expenses like office space, business insurance, and more.

Now you can figure out the overhead per job. Take the average number of jobs you have each month and divide the monthly overhead by this number to get the overhead per job.


Independent contractors have a wealth of tax deductions they can take to reduce their tax bills at the end of the business year. Everything from the miles driven to depreciation and equipment purchases is tax-deductible.

Make sure that you keep detailed records as you’ll need to prove your expenses if you get audited.


Factor in the weather. Contractors living in cold climates know that there’s little to do during the winter months, but their monthly overhead still applies. Lawn care businesses must winterproof themselves so that what they earn during the high season provides them with a living during the low season. Some professionals even offer snow shoveling services so they can keep their business profitable during the low season.


The average cost to mow a lawn is just a snapshot of the true prices charged. Not only do states differ, but regions also differ. An area with a consistent climate usually results in lower prices as there’s no need to purchase separate equipment to cover all four seasons.

Labor Costs 

Many contractors expand beyond one-person operations to take on bigger projects and more of them. Expanding this type of business is exciting, but lawn care professionals with crews have bigger overheads because of employee salaries.

The total cost of a job needs to take this into account. Delivering estimates with employees means you need to factor in the hours needed, the employees’ salaries, and how many employees are needed for that job.

When providing written estimates, make sure the cost of the employees is itemized so that customers have a transparent breakdown of what they’re paying for.

Your Questions About Lawn Care Pricing Answered 

Figuring out roughly how much to charge for lawn mowing is one thing, but a lot goes into determining the final price. It’s a balancing act that professionals need to master if they’re going to succeed in this business.

Here are some of the most common questions people have about lawn care prices.

What is the average price for lawn mowing? 

The average price of mowing a lawn ranges from $50 to $250. This doesn’t take into account the size of the lawn or any additional services. It’s for cutting the grass only.

Additional costs may apply if a lawn has been neglected for an extended period.

What’s included in the price of lawn mowing services? 

Lawn care companies like to provide discounts on one-off services by bundling common lawn care services into a single package. These mowing packages often include mowing, edging, weeding, and leaf removal services.

Depending on what a lawn needs, it’s easy for homeowners to add on other services, such as watering and fertilization.

Remember that it’s common to provide discounts for committing to a long-term lawn care contract. Loyalty rewards are always appreciated in this hotly contested business.

What are the benefits of using a professional lawn mowing service for your customers? 

Both customers and businesses need to know why anyone would hire a professional lawn mowing service when it’s a job that homeowners can do themselves.

Lawn mowing is hard work, takes a lot of time, and the equipment can be expensive. If someone works a busy schedule or doesn’t have the equipment, a professional like you can keep their yard as green as a leprechaun. Plus, if a person lives in a part of the country with an inconsistent climate, managing the seasonal needs of a lawn is something that should be left to the professionals. This is how a growing lawn care business or a large established lawn company can be a better fit for a homeowner.

What kind of business model does the lawn mowing service have? 

Another factor that will determine how much it costs to mow the lawn is the type of business model the company operates.

Less formalized independent contractors will typically charge less than their more established counterparts. If a lawn care company has a company truck, uniforms, and more systemized business practices, they need to charge more to cover their overheads.

Do gas mowers play a part in the cost of mowing a lawn? 

One aspect that often goes overlooked by professionals and customers alike is the cost of running a gas mower. Many companies are moving away from gas mowers to avoid fluctuations in their service pricing.

Since these mowers run on gas, international gas prices will impact the cost. It might only be by a few dollars, but if the markets spike or drop, customers will see it in their pricing.


Fair pricing is the cornerstone of any type of professional lawn mowing company. Knowing how much to charge for lawn mowing could make or break your business.

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