11: Navigating Gatekeepers: Tech Strategies for Commercial Triumph With Keith Robinson

Breaking into the commercial pest control space is all about getting past the gatekeeper.

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Episode Overview

Dr. Christopher Fasano talks to Keith Robinson, board-certified entomologist and vice president of pest control services at Fine Tune, about his 30-year career and what he has learned along the way. From veteran to industry veteran, Robinson has learned a thing or two about building relationships that get you places. “These people are on LinkedIn,” he says. “If you can find them on LinkedIn and connect with them, you’ve got an opportunity.”

Robinson shares what he’s learned about signing commercial accounts and retaining them, including technology's critical role and understanding the difference between residential and commercial services.

  • 2:20 The route from U.S. Army veteran to bug slayer, how Robinson got to where he is now.

  • 6:00 The conversation takes a deep dive into the importance of auditing for commercial accounts.

  • 12:50 It’s all about data and how technology facilitates better services, more efficient operations, and better reporting.

  • 19:00 The key to understanding what the client really wants and making moves based on that.

  • 25:11 Why bringing old-school sales tactics is still best practice to sign commercial accounts.

  • 32:50 From binders to iPads, real-life experience of how technology has evolved technicians’ lives and work.

  • 33:50 Robinson explains why the right software is the first step in being successful in the commercial sphere and let research and expertise do the rest.

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