03: Breaking The Mold: Bringing Tech To Pest Control

Breanna Neerland tells Dr. Christopher Fasano about the challenges and benefits of introducing technology into a family-run business.

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Episode Overview

People don’t like change, but change comes anyway. In this episode, Dr. Christopher Fasano, with Breanna Neerland of Kwik Kill Pest Control, digs deep into the benefits of working with family, advocating for technology, and the many benefits of efficiency. They discuss the role of education in providing excellent customer service and how the organization, Professional Women In Pest Management (PWIPM), is bringing women to the forefront of the pest control industry.

  • 13:19 Overcoming the resistance to change and making technology work for your business

  • 17:30 The role of software in facilitating a business to scale and grow

  • 22:14 Why educating clients about the importance of pest management builds relationships

  • 25:04 Ensuring all staff feel like they’re part of the family

  • 27:58 The growing number of women in the industry

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