Aruza Pest Control Case Study

June 05, 2022
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Aruza Pest Control Case Study


Decreased its cost per lead by 38% YOY

10 hours

Reduced time spent on routing from 10 hours per week to 30 minutes per month

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When starting his own business, Solomon Airhart knew he needed a technology solution that would help him grow his door-to-door sales.

About The Company

In Charlotte, NC, CEO Solomon Airhart took his years of experience working for other pest control companies in door-to-door sales and started Aruza Pest Control in 2016 with just two trucks. In the short six-year span it’s been in business, Aruza Pest Control has grown to seven branches, employing over 60 technicians, with 10 office employees, and a near five-star Google review rating. He is also in the process of building out his sales team from 100-200 plus door-to-door salespeople.

The Solution

For Solomon, starting a new company and managing it with no software was never an option. Based on his relationship with the FieldRoutes founder and previous experience using FieldRoutes™ software from working for other companies, he knew he was starting on the right foot by implementing software technology right away. What are the features that attracted him to FieldRoutes? First, it’s easy to use. While other software solutions had an outdated look and feel, Solomon needed something that he could easily train his employees and new hires on. The second is automation. There’s no reason to call every customer to remind them of their upcoming visit or late payments. Solomon is a big fan of the Trigger Rules functionality that creates automated actions and lets him send customized emails, SMS texts, voice messages, and appointment reminders with the click of a button.

For example, you can send a customized welcome email when a new customer signs up. Appointment reminders can be automated to go out a certain number of days before an appointment or when the technician arrives. You can set a phone reminder to go out a week before the appointment, an email reminder to go out a couple of days before the appointment, or SMS text reminders to go out on the day of the appointment. After the service is complete, your customers will receive a follow-up email.

When it comes to invoicing, Trigger Rules give you the ability to decrease your past due accounts by sending customized emails, SMS texts, or voicemails based on a customer’s balance or the number of days a customer is past due.

And last but not least, if you’ve seen Solomon’s webinar, How I Made The Inc. 5000 List: A Blueprint For Pest Control Success, or listened to his Bug Bux Podcast, you know that he didn’t get to where he is today without door-to-door sales. What also helped him get there?

The PestRoutes Sales app. The PestRoutes Sales app is a big part of how he manages his door-to-door sales. It enables him to create accurate knocking records by pinning the houses with a color-coding system and lets him see the data from his pipeline and what his conversion rates are. It also lets him easily identify what areas he needs to focus on and how many people he needs to talk to.

The app also has a sales leaderboard that drives healthy competition amongst the sales team. It lets him check out who’s in the lead and what services have been sold at any given time by clicking on the refresh icon button.

The Impact

At the end of 2019, Solomon saw the benefits of adding the FieldRoutes™ Marketing Suite. It’s integration with the FieldRoutes™ Operations Suite means customers can purchase services directly from his website, enter their credit card information, and pick a day that’s convenient for them. The system will automatically assign a technician based on their availability and location and then automatically adds the customer’s information directly into the Operations Suite with no manual entry.

Solomon stays pretty busy managing his pest control empire, so he likes the fact that the FieldRoutes Marketing Suite takes the hassle out of managing his own website. He knows he’s working with a team of industry experts that speak the language and will create great blogs and content.

In the past year, his cost per lead (CPL) decreased 38% year-over-year (YOY), and organic traffic increased 20% YOY. Additionally, website clicks from Aruza’s Google Business Profile (GBP) increased 16% YOY, and calls increased 33%. Lastly, direct search (when a user searches for a business name) and indirect search (when a user searches for a product or service) increased 235% and 27%, respectively.

Since implementing the FieldRoutes Operations Suite, he has reduced his time spent on routing from 10 hours a week to 30 minutes a month. What took five hours a day of invoicing has been reduced to just minutes with automated batch billing. And last but not least, not only is Aruza Pest Control on the Inc. 5000 Fastest-Growing Private Companies in America, but his company also broke into the PCT Top 100 for 2020.

Since implementing the FieldRoutes Operations and Marketing Suites, Aruza Pest Control:

  • Decreased its cost per lead by 38% YOY

  • Reduced time spent on routing from 10 hours per week to 30 minutes per month

  • Gained 10 positions on the PCT Top 100 from 2020-2021

  • Made the Inc. 5000 Fastest-Growing Private Companies in America

“It’s hard to find labor, so the fewer people we have to hire, the better. If you don’t have an automated solution that streamlines your business, you’re going to have more cost."

 –Solomon Airhart, Founder Aruza Pest Control 5445 77 Center Drive, Suite 80 Charlotte, NC 28217

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