4 Ways To Improve Your Google AdWords Performance - Part 2

MarketingSeptember 10, 2017

In part 1 of our post on improving your Google AdWords performance we covered the following topics:

  • Take Advantage of Ad Extensions
  • Keep Your Adgroups and Keywords Tightly Themed

If you missed these helpful tips. Continue reading below to see a couple more examples of how you can further to improve your AdWords performance.  

High-Quality Landing Page With Relative Content

When a potential customer searches on Google and clicks on your ad, they should immediately be directed to a high-quality landing page with relative content to their search. The dominoes example (from part 1) is surfacing here again. Do you see how this is working? The keywords should be highly relative to the ads, and the ads should be highly relative to the landing page content. Relevancy plays a big part in your quality score and quality score is a factor in your ad rank. Now, we’ve worked so hard to drive these leads that the last thing we want to do is fall through in the last step (AKA the landing page). Your landing page will likely be one of the first impressions a customer receives of your company and brand. This is why it is important that your landing page is user-friendly, provides the information a user is looking for, has prominent CTA's, and is mobile friendly with quick load times.

Utilize Other Google Best Practices Such As Ad Scheduling & Bid Adjustments

Another great way to boost your AdWords performance is by taking advantage of ad scheduling and bid adjustments. Let’s take a look at ad scheduling. Ad scheduling is important because you don’t want to be showing your ads during times that you can’t convert a lead right away. Leads that sit there, statistically, won’t amount to anything. Depending on your market, ads generally should be shown during business hours. However, if you have 24-hour phone support that has the capability to schedule appointments, then running your ads all the time makes more sense here. The other thing to consider is the budget. If your budget is somewhat conservative then you definitely don’t want to drain your funds by having them run all the time. After observing your account's activity, you can also make bid adjustments for days or times that seem to have more traffic and higher conversions.

If you’re struggling with properly managing your AdWords account, Lobster Marketing can help. We are a Google Certified Partner and have been trusted by over 30 companies to spend more than 2 million dollars on their AdWords efforts. To learn more about our Pay-Per-Click services or to see how we can help you, contact us today.

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