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210 Standout Pest Control Company Names for 2023

Aug 23, 2023
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Rebranding or starting a pest control business requires choosing a good name. Ideally, one that’s:

  • Relevant. A pest control company who specializes in termites should make that clear in their name. Likewise, an pest control professional experienced with all common pests should make that clear. 

  • Memorable. A catchy, easy-to-remember name sticks in customers’ minds and makes marketing easier.

  • Differentiating. A good name communicates your unique value proposition, setting you apart from the competition.

With the right tips – and inspiration from more than 200 pest control company name ideas – you can find the name that’ll get customers excited to learn more about your business.

Tips for Naming Your Pest Control Business

Choosing a business name is both thrilling and frustrating. Not only should your pest control company name be memorable, relevant, and unique, but it should also make customers see you as trustworthy and reliable. That’s a lot to accomplish in just a few words.

Fortunately, following the right tips will help you find a name that hits all these qualities.

1. Review Competitors’ Names

Compile all the names of competing pest control businesses in your service area. Analyze them for opportunities. For instance, you may see a lack of local companies emphasizing eco-friendliness. Or maybe your competitors are overdoing it on corporate-sounding names, and you can find one that’s more neighborly and approachable.

2. Brainstorm, Then Narrow Down 

Once you’ve identified opportunities from analyzing competitors’ names, start generating ideas. Try WATSOT: writing at the speed of thought. Shoot for 50 names. Don’t edit as you write, or it’ll kill your creativity. Save your critical brain for when the list is done. Review your 50 names and narrow it down to the handful you like most.

3. Research Domain Names

Domain name refers to a business’ web address, for example, Search for the name you’re considering to see what domain names are available. If it already exists, see if you can come up with a variation, such as changing “control” to “services.”

4. Search Social Media 

Some businesses use their social media pages as their primary website, so check there in addition to researching domain names. Reviewing social media will also give you a sense of how marketable your potential name is. Pay attention to the kind of content your competitors are creating, and how much it engages their audience.

5. Consider Keywords

Ideally, your pest control company name and domain would include a keyword customers use to search online, such as “pest control,” “animal removal,” or “termite control.” This enhances your pest control SEO, increasing the odds your business will surface in customers’ searches.

Every state has a business filing agency, and you can likely find it and search it online. This is an important step because it’s possible a business name has been filed for but not yet launched. Conducting legal research like this protects you from choosing a name that’s already trademarked. 

By following these best practices, you’ll come up with a pest control company name that supports strong brand positioning among your competition. The stronger your brand name, the easier market penetration becomes.

Best Pest Control Company Names

These examples illustrate what many of the best pest control company names have in common: confidence, timeliness, and professionalism. These qualities make customers feel comfortable letting you handle their pest problems.

A Pest-Free Home

All-American Pest Control

Best Friends Pest Co.

Champion Pest Control

Complete Pest Services

Distinction Pest Co.

Eco Pest Management

Every Room Pest Services

Family Pest Control

Father & Son Pest Co.

Foundation Pest Control

Freedom Pest Control

Gentle Exterminators

Gold Medal Pest 

Green Pest Solutions

Guaranteed Pest Exterminators

Home & Lawn Pest Service

Natural Pest Solutions

Peace of Mind Pest Control

Pest Experts Inc.

Pet-Safe Pest Care

Proactive Pest Control

Reliable Pest Control

Safe & Secure Pest Co.

Safe Home Pest Services

Total Pest Management

Ultimate Pest Solution

Veterans Pest Control

White Glove Pest Services

Yard Guard Pest Co.

Pro-tip: When shooting for an inspirational name like these, beware of picking too general of a name. Always ask what you can point back to that anchors your pest control company’s name, such as your brand values.

Catchy Pest Control Company Names

The catchier your name, the more it sticks in potential customers’ minds.

3-2-Gone Bug Experts

All Abuzz Pest Control

Anteaters Ant Experts

Bait & See Pest Control

Banish Bugs

Bees’ Knees Pest Co.

Bug Zappers

Bugs Begone

Buzz Kill Exterminators

Buzz Off Pest Control

Bye-Bye Bugs

Bzzz Off Insect Services

Clean Sweep Pest Services

Critter Crusaders

ExtermiNation Pest Control

Flea Free

Flee, Fleas!

Hitman Pest Control

No Fly Zone

On the Double Pest Control

Pest Busters

Pest Defense

Pronto Pest Management

Scram Pests

Shoo Fly

Spray Squad Exterminators

The Bug Busters

The Sting Pest Control

Wasp Warriors

Wonder Bug Extermination

Pro-tip: Remember brevity is the soul of wit. Catchy business names tend to be short, specific, and strong.

Unique Pest Control Company Names

Unique pest control company names have an it factor, some kind of quality that’s hard to pin down yet also hard to ignore.

Above & Beeyond Exterminators

Anti-Bugs Exterminators

Bug Killers, Inc.

Bug Busters

Bugs Belong Outside

Bugs Gone Wild Pest Management


Creature Discomfort Exterminators

Creepy Crawlies Pest Management

Good Riddance to Bad Bugs

Infestation Nation Pest Control

Kill Them Dead Roach Control

Mouse in the House Exterminators

Nuclear Pest Control

One-man Army Ant Exterminator Services

Pay ‘n Spray Exterminators

Pest Killers

Pests R Gone

Roach Approach Pest Solutions

Sci-tech Pest Control

Shoo! Pest Control

Spray Gun for Hire Exterminators

The Extermination Experts

The Pest Whisperers

The Roach Bros

They Only Come Out at Night Bat Removal

Vermin Vigilantes

Wasp Watch Exterminators

Yellowjacket Pest Services

You Scream, We Spray Exterminators

Pro-tip: A unique business name should sharpen your relevance in customers’ eyes. Gut-check yourself by asking how relevant your potential name is. If a customer can’t readily tell what you offer, your unique name goes from being an asset to a liability. 

Funny Pest Control Company Names

A little humor goes a long way. It’ll help you connect with customers who are likely to share your values and refer you to their friends.

A Bug’s Life Ends

A Pox Upon Pests


Ants in My Pants Exterminators

Arachnophobes Anonymous

Bug Off Already

Bugs On the Run

Bye Bye Bye Bugs

Don’t Bug Me Pest Control

Enfuego Fumigation

Exterminate Now!

Get Off My Lawn Grub Control

How the Pest Was Won

Hugs Not Bugs

Mosquito Swatters

Mouse Arrest

Rat-a-Tat Rodent Control

Rat’s All Folks

Squish Bug Service

Stop Bugging Me

Taming of the Shrews Rodent Removal

Termite Terminators

Tick Us Off

The Miceman Cometh

The Pest Pesterer

The Xterminator

Uncle Bug

Undercover Bed Bug Exterminators

What’s Bugging You

Zap Dat Ass Mosquito Service

Pro-tip: Remember that humor is highly subjective. Like with unique business names, a funny pest control company name can backfire if taken too far.

Professional Pest Control Business Names

A professional-sounding company name positions you to win business from the broadest range of customers.

A to Z Pest Pros

ABC Pest Company

Absolute Pest Control

Ace Pest Services

Advanced Pest Control

Alpha Pest Management

Authority Pest Co.

Best Pest Control

Critter Control

Custom Pest Solutions

Dedicated Pest Management

Elite Pest Services

Expert Pest Control

Good Earth Pest Control

Grade A Pest Co.

Green Pest Services

Happy Home Pest Control

Insect Boss

Integrity Pest Control

Knowledgeable Pest Professionals

Last Call Extermination

Master Pest Control

On-Time Pest Control

Organic Pest Solutions

Pest Eliminators

Pest Pro

Pesticide-free Pest Specialists

Precision Pest

Prime Pest Co.

Top Notch Pest Solutions

Pro-tip: Choosing a business name that appeals to everyone puts you in danger of appealing to no one. Remember to stay relevant to the specific services you offer. For instance, “Advanced Pest Control” is meaningless without context. If “Advanced” communicates your commitment to using the most up-to-date treatments and technology, now it means something specific you can build your marketing and reputation around.

Location-Based Pest Control Company Names

A location-based name shows your investment in the local community. It also conveys authority: You know this part of the world and what its unique pest problems are. Compare that to a national pest control brand name, which may use the same approach regardless of location.

Aloha Pest Specialists

Appalachia Pest Management

Bayou Bug Services

Big Apple Roach Pros

Bluegrass Animal & Pest Removal

Canyon Pest Control Services

Citywide Pest Company

Coastal Pest Control

County Pest Control

Desert City Pest

Dixie Extermination

Frontier Pest Co.

Great Lakes Pest Control

Hoosier Pest Services

Lakeshore Pest Co.

Lone Star Silverfish Service

Monument Pest

Motor City Pest Control

Neighborhood Pest Solutions

Parish Pest Control

Pelican Pest Pros

Prairie Animal Removal

Rocky Mountain Pest

Second City Pest Control Co.

Space City Pest Management

Suburban Pest Co.

Sunflower Pest

Sunshine Pest Co.

Tri-State Pest Control

West Side Exterminators

Pro-tip: Consider your growth plans when choosing a location-based name. For example, do you plan to service just your county, or do you want to eventually become a regional pest control company some day?

Job-Specific Pest Control Company Names

A job-specific pest control company name readily communicates your expertise and the value you offer customers.

Attic Pest Specialists

Ant Attack

Bed Bug Boogie

Better Off Dead Roach Co.

Crawlspace & Basement Pest Co.

Cricket Control

Don't Let the Bed Bugs Bite

Flea Rid

Garden & Landscape Pest Specialists

Gentle Bird Removal


Insect Command

Molemen Animal Removal

Mosquito Mafia

Mosquito Marauders

Mosquito Mobsters

Mosquito Patrol

Mothman Winged Insect Experts

Much Ado About Mosquitoes

Rat Patrol

Roach Busters

Roach Patrol

Rodent Patrol

Silverfish Assassins

Spider Sprayers

Stinging Insect Specialists

Termite Assassins

Termite Authority

Tick-Tock The Ticks Are Dead 

Wasp & Hornet Removal

Pro-tip: A job-specific company name could make it difficult to expand your service offerings later. Think through where you want your company to be in five to 10 years.

Putting Your Pest Control Business Name Into Action

The right name sets your business up to grow. But it’s the right tools and know-how that keep it growing. FieldRoutes, a ServiceTitan company, offers everything owners like you need to streamline their operations, from pest control software to pest control industry-leading content.

With the FieldRoutes® Operations and Marketing Suite, you get the tools to automate and scale your business. And with a deep library of blogs, case studies, and webinars, you have access to all the knowledge you need to lead a cutting-edge pest control business.

Get started by diving into FieldRoutes’ resources here.

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