How To Care For Your Lawn: Maintenance Tips

If you care about your customers’ lawns (and we know you do), you understand the importance of lawn maintenance, and you also know it extends beyond irrigation and mowing. Yes, these two are essential for a healthy lawn, but lawn care maintenance is a science that includes feeding, aeration, and insect and weed control. Keep reading for some expert tips on proper lawn maintenance.

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If you care about your customers’ lawns (and we know you do), you understand the importance of lawn maintenance, and you also know it extends beyond irrigation and mowing. Yes, these two are essential for a healthy lawn, but lawn care maintenance is a science that includes feeding, aeration, and insect and weed control. Keep reading for some expert tips on proper lawn maintenance.

What is Lawn Maintenance, and Why Is It Important?

Lawn care is crucial, despite the fact that it seems like a difficult chore for most homeowners. Effective lawn maintenance increases air quality while keeping their home's appearance. Grass maintenance guarantees that their lawn can survive the challenges from weeds and insects that might harm it. By having a thorough lawn care and maintenance regime, you can ensure that your customers’ flowers, herbs, grass, and hedges are disease-resistant. Furthermore, lawn maintenance ensures that their turf can withstand inclement weather and that their lawn is always in top condition.

6 Effective Lawn Care Tips

To ensure that your customers have the prized lawn of the neighborhood, here are six lawn maintenance tips to get you started.

What to do about: Thinning grass and bare spots

Weather extremes, playing with kids, and horseplay with the dog are all examples of ordinary activities that can cause the grass to thin. You may need to plant fresh sod or extensively seed the afflicted area, depending on the size of the barren areas. Make sure the grass treatment you use is prepared specifically for the environment and grass type. If the grass is thin in certain areas, overseeding it in the fall might help it recover before winter arrives. If you want to overseed the grass, start at least 45 days before the first frost of the season.

What to do about: Unsightly brown stains

This one is a little more tricky because the spots might be caused by a variety of factors. Grubs or fungus, as well as foot traffic, weed dieback, and dog urine, are all potential causes. So, before you go out and decide on which grass care product and start spreading or spraying it, figure out what the issue is first so you can tackle it appropriately.

What to do about: Weeds

Lawns, even when newly planted, are prone to weeds and weed seeds. Weeds are the scavengers of the plant kingdom, as they compete with other plants for nutrients, water, and light. Wherever you're putting fresh grass seed, stay away from pre-emergent weed controls like crabgrass preventers and weed-and-feed fertilizers. These treatments are intended to prevent weed seeds from germinating and rooting effectively, but they can also prevent grass seeds from growing and rooting properly. Spot treatments for difficult grass weeds are the most practical way to target weeds.

What to do about: Mowing

Always mow the lawn according to best practices. The first of which is that you should mow based on grass height rather than having a pre-scheduled day to tend the lawn. Mowing heights differ depending on the time of the year and the species of grass your customers have, and should be gradually increased over multiple sessions. Remove no more than one-third of the blade length at a time, or you risk impeding above- and below-ground development. Use the correct grass equipment for the job, based on the size of their lawn and their goals, to make activities easier and less time-consuming.

What to do about: Watering

Lawns thrive when they are watered appropriately. Depending on the location, be wary of over- and under-watering. Shallow, frequent irrigation promotes shallow roots that are vulnerable to drought and other stresses. You can cut consumption, save money, and produce healthier, more robust grass by using smart watering methods and water-conserving grass types. Watering and other lawn duties may naturally change month to month as you follow your yearly lawn care plan, but you should constantly take into account what's going on with the grass.

What to do about: Grubs

You'll need to take action if you've discovered more than a few big grubs in the soil when digging. The lifecycle is as follows: Early in the summer, beetles emerge, feast on plants, and then lay eggs in the soil. The eggs hatch as grubs in late summer and begin to work consuming plants and grassroots. Treating the grass before the grubs hatch is the most effective approach to break the cycle.

When Should Homeowners Hire Professionals For Lawn Maintenance?

Even if they believe themselves to have a green thumb and think they know everything that there is about how to care for a lawn, there are still several advantages to hiring a professional lawn care service like yours to manage their lawn and garden. Although many individuals assume that DIY lawn work is the best option at first, contacting a lawn care service professional may be the better alternative for a variety of reasons. Let's take a look at some of the advantages of contracting a specialist:

They Save Time

They can save a lot of time by hiring a professional lawn care and maintenance service to take care of their lawn upkeep. A professional like you can help them free up time for other home duties by relieving them of the burden of lawn maintenance and providing them with the assurance that their lawn is being cared for.

They Get the Expertise of a Professional Lawn Care Service

A professional has the skills and understanding to spot problems with their lawn far more quickly than they could. You can give them a remedy that will bring their grass back to life much faster than they can via trial and error because of your knowledge. Having the essential expertise and knowledge may also help them save time instead of wasting it experimenting with alternative solutions all the time.

They Can Save Money in the Long Run

Most individuals feel that they can save money by performing their own lawn upkeep, but hiring a lawn maintenance expert will save them much more money in the long term. Their lawn will be vulnerable to invasive weeds or vermin if they don't have a good grasp of it and don't follow the right management measures. Trying to fight these invaders without the right equipment or knowledge may result in a lot of money spent at the gardening center.

Save on Renting Equipment

As you well know, professional equipment, such as an aeration machine, is required for lawn maintenance. Professional lawn care services have all of the essential tools to complete the task quickly and correctly. They would need to set aside time to rent the equipment, as well as money for rental fees, petrol, and insurance. In addition, they would also need some experience operating the leased equipment.

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