Improve Your Business from Top to Bottom with Mobile Apps

Unlock your smartphone right now and take a look at the apps you use every day to make your life easier, more connected, or just happier. If it seems like there’s a mobile app for everything, you’re right. 

There are already about 2 million apps at your fingertips, and more are released all the time. If you’re not already using mobile app technology to improve the management operations of your pest control business, you’re missing out on innovative, tech-fueled ways to make customers happier, simplify daily business activities, and maximize technician efficiency.

More and more small and mid-size businesses across all industries are finding that effectively using mobile apps helps them take the next step in effective business growth. But with so many options out there, it can be difficult deciding what would work best for you. Ask these questions before you commit:

How will this make life easier?

You don't want to use mobile technology simply for the sake of using mobile technology. It needs to be a solution that has a record of improving things for technicians, customers, office, staff, and overall business management. Look for features like simple customer account management, fast customer sign-up, real-time schedule updating, automated reminders and simple office alerts.  It should also easily integrate with your business management software.

Why will my customers like this?

Customers want to think as little as possible about things like scheduling and paying for pest control services. Make sure the mobile app you use has features to make the customer experience easy, empowering, and fast. Features like digital contracts, fast scheduling, and secure, automatic payment set up can transform the sign-up experience customers have grown used to having with other services they purchase, and now expect from their pest control provider too.

How complicated is it?

The answer should be “not complicated at all.” Any mobile app you employ needs to be intuitive and straightforward. Users need to get their business done without lots of clicks, weird labels, or clunky hoops to jump through. Insist on a demo to experience it first-hand before you commit.

What kind of support does it have?

Any solution you use should come with training for your team and comprehensive support for problems that arise after implementation. No matter the software, app solution, or technology you use, there will be questions or hiccups at some point. Know how your potential tech partner addresses issues and supports your successful long-term use.

How secure is it?

The last thing you need is a data breach. The developer of the app you use should be able to detail its security features and tell you exactly how it protects your company information and the personal and financial information of your customers. 

Who developed it?

The best pest control apps are created specifically for the pest control industry by pest control professionals. They know the challenges that are unique to this business, and they know what will and won’t work. Do your homework on the background of any company you partner with for your app, and make sure they can prove a record of success with other pest control companies.

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