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Best 8 Pesticide Tracking Apps for Pest Control (Enhance Efficiency & Compliance)

Christopher Fasano
Apr 08, 2024
8 min read
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Best Pest Control Chemical Tracking Apps: Comparison Table (With Ratings & Pricing)

Some of the best chemical tracking software options for pest control businesses allow users to monitor usage in real time and provide inventory alerts when stock is low. These functions are built as part of a larger field service management software system that includes a complete array of functionality to optimize workflow and keep techs supplied to do their jobs.

In this guide, you will find a full comparison between these different systems, providing the pros and cons of what they offer. The goal is to find the best one for you.

Disclaimer: The information below is accurate as of Jan. 24, 2024.

This table offers a quick look at eight pest control field service apps with chemical tracking features, including their online rankings and pricing.

See the sections below for a more detailed look at each company.


Best For

Free Plan/Trial



Pest control companies of any size


Varies based on company size. Free demo.


Small field service businesses


Starts at $49 per month


Small field service businesses


Starts at $19 per month


Small to enterprise pest control companies


Not published online


Landscaping, home service, pest control businesses


Starts at $49 per month


Variety of field service companies


Starts at $39 per month


Pest management, pest control businesses


Starts at $59 per month


Variety of field service companies


Starts at $149 per month

In terms of target audience and pricing,  a wide variety of pest control field management software exists. The goal is to find the right one for your pest control business.

Look at these apps and how their pest control chemical tracking systems stack up.

Best Pest Control Pesticide Tracking Apps by Use Case

FieldRoutes ranks as the best software option for chemical pesticide tracking based on its features, scalability, and ease of use. Continue reading below for a breakdown of additional solutions for pest control companies.

FieldRoutes — Best overall.

GorillaDesk — Best budget-friendly option.

Jobber — Best for small business owners seeking work-life balance.

PestPac — Best for mobile team communication.

Plannit — Best for small-business owners not looking to scale soon.

Fieldwork — Best for technologically savvy users who need little to no training.

PestBoss — Best for businesses that share accounts over multiple sites.

SkyBoss — Best for multi-service businesses.

While each of these apps provide a basic foundation for pest control chemical tracking, they take different approaches to achieve that goal. 

Let’s take a closer look at each one.

Platform #1: FieldRoutes

FieldRoutes is field service software for pest control services that want to scale their operations and maximize profit margins. As a ServiceTitan company, FieldRoutes is backed by one of the nation's largest providers of commercial and residential contractor software.

Reference Image

Image Source: FieldRoutes

FieldRoutes allows technicians to document their chemical usage in a mobile app, instantly permitting office staff to pull reports related to products, such as inventory, chemical tracking, and state chemical reports. Service plans regulate inventory control for both multi-use contracts and one-time services.

Downsides to consider

FieldRoutes operates best for pest control companies that fully own their inventory management. Companies that prefer to outsource those operations may not realize the full potential of the FieldRoutes platform.

Top Features

  • Inventory tracking: Track product availability for each technician’s route to optimize scheduling and avoid unnecessary trips back to the office to reload.

  • Documentation: Document chemical usage in the techs’ mobile app, allowing office staff to easily access reports for inventory and compliance regulations.

  • Inventory estimates: Utilize data from past jobs to estimate how much product is needed for each route based on a full day’s schedule.

  • Route templates: Set up templates with a predetermined capacity to know if you have enough chemicals for each route based on the number of stops.

  • Capacity warning signal: Use our automated system to know the capacity of each route’s chemical supply to avoid empty tanks and poor customer service.

  • Dilution Rate Calculator: Find the correct dilution rate for various pest control chemicals with our Dilution Rate Calculator.

  • Personalize pest control: When customers call to book a job, hover your mouse over the appointment to quickly see the amount of spray needed for a stop.


Pricing varies based on company size. All FieldRoutes’ plans accommodate unlimited users.

Platform #2: GorillaDesk

GorillaDesk is all-in-one scheduling, invoicing, and automation software for pest control, lawn care, pool maintenance, and similar field service companies. The company has a strong track record of user reviews.

Reference Image

Image Source: GorillaDesk

Used primarily by smaller field service companies, GorillaDesk offers a customizable chemical tracking service that stores and reports a pest control company’s chemical and pesticide usage. Data is stored in the cloud and available for CSV, Excel, or PDF download.

Downsides to consider

GorillaDesk is a simple tool with basic functionality that does not scale as well for larger businesses. 

Top Features

  • Chemical data: Import new materials for tracking and usage.

  • Material use reports: Create reports to meet and comply with regulatory requirements.

  • Paperwork display: Create electronic or paper-based notifications to let customers know which chemicals were used for a job.

  • Templates: Use pre-prepared lists or create your own to ensure proper chemical application at the job site.


GorillaDesk offers two options:

  • Basic starting at $49 per month for one route.

  • Pro starting at $99 per month for one route.

How Does GorillaDesk Compare to FieldRoutes?

GorillaDesk caters to smaller, start-up businesses, offering the basic functionality those companies need but lacks the scalability and end-to-end capabilities that FieldRoutes offers.

Platform #3: Jobber

Jobber is field service business software combining an online platform with a mobile app. Its lightweight design launches quickly, making it popular with small, entrepreneurial pest control providers.

Reference Image

Image Source: Jobber

Jobber’s chemical use tracking feature simplifies recordkeeping by helping field technicians input data from the field and recording amounts, registration numbers, weather conditions, and more.  

Downsides to consider

Reviews indicate Jobber’s user interface has difficulty keeping up with a large number of users, specifically with tracking and invoicing. Also, costs escalate quickly as businesses grow.

Top Features

  • Real-time data: Capture the chemicals and pesticides used on each job, including location and any additional details.

  • Reporting: Download the company’s entire application history and sort by date, client, or applicator.

  • Integration: Merge chemical tracking data with QuickBooks, Wisetack, Zapier, and other software.

  • Compliance: Manage data storage in line with your regional regulations.


Jobber offers three options:

  • $69 per month for one user

  • $169 per month for up to five users

  • $349 per month for up to 15 users

A discount is available for annual subscriptions.

How Does Jobber Compare to FieldRoutes?

Jobber lacks FieldRoutes’ ability to scale, hindering its functionality and affordability beyond a certain threshold. 

Platform #4: PestPac by WorkWave

PestPac is pest control software built for residential and commercial businesses, catering to the largest enterprise companies. Its website claims to service 60 of the 100 largest pest control operators in the United States.

Reference Image

Image Source: PestPac

The PestPac website promotes helping companies reduce waste, save money, and remain compliant with regulatory requirements.

Downsides to consider

User reviews include several reports of poor initial training and failed customer service follow-ups. 

Top Features

  • Material tracking: Export inventory costs for reporting and reconciliation.

  • Quantity control: Automatically convert units of measure to remove guesswork during application.

  • Inventory reports: Ensure adequate stock levels for the jobs ahead.

  • Compliance: Track sustainability and green treatments to meet regulatory requirements.


PestPac doesn’t publish pricing on its website. It also offers a version called PestPac Lite that tops out at 15 licenses.  

How Does PestPac Compare to FieldRoutes?

While PestPac is designed to grow alongside a company’s needs like FieldRoutes does, PestPac’s pricing escalates much quicker than FieldRoutes and is more complex. 

Platform #5: Plannit

Plannit is a Canadian home service software that helps businesses organize their clients, billing, and payments through an online app. Plannit collects all emails, website inquiries, phone calls, text messages, and social media messages into a one-stop message center through an automated job management system.

Reference Image

Image Source: Plannit

Plannit’s chemical tracking software records usage and improves compliance by providing custom recording and real-time usage data.

Downsides to consider

Plannit is relatively new to the market and still working out some bugs on the technical side. Users report difficulty with managing invoices and tying chemical tracking to clients with multiple locations.

Top Features

  • Customize records: Track chemical inventory, including customer requests for special treatments.

  • Detailed reports: Show compliance by sorting inventory, usage, and locations.

  • Real-time usage: Inventory levels reflect treatments applied in the field.

  • Customer reports: Generate records and checklists for customers by telling them exactly what chemicals and pesticides were used at their properties.


Plannit offers a free plan with basic options for up to five users. Beyond that:

  • Pro: $59 per month.

  • Premium: $129 per month.

  • Grow: $199 per month.

All three paid subscriptions include five users. Additional users are $10 each per month.

How Does Plannit Compare to FieldRoutes?

Plannit is structured for smaller businesses, with all three pricing plans initially capped at five users. It does not offer the same depth of services as FieldRoutes, nor does its pricing scale with growth.

Platform #6: Fieldwork

Fieldwork is field management software focused on helping pest control, lawn care, and pool service providers. Its cloud-based system allows technicians to report in real time through Android and iPhone mobile apps.

Reference Image

Image Source: Fieldwork

Fieldwork’s custom data entry and reporting allows real-time referencing and insight into overall usage. Job- or location-specific reports show precisely which chemicals were used and in what way on each service call.

Downsides to consider

User reviews are few, but those who do report concerns regarding the lack of customer service hours and the need to scrub reports before finalizing them.

Top Features

  • Chemical data: Store preferred chemicals by name, manufacturing, registration numbers, ingredients and more. 

  • Usage records: Track quantities, application methods, and devices used at each job site.

  • Templates: Use pre-designed templates or create your own to ensure work is done uniformly.

  • Reports: Generate custom reports for both clients and state agencies.


Fieldwork offers three tiers of pricing. A sliding scale on the website shows costs for additional users up to 25.

  • Startup: $59 per month for one user.

  • Business: $79 per month for one user.

  • Pro: $99 per month for one user.

How Does Fieldwork Compare to FieldRoutes?

Fieldwork is a strong tool for pest service companies but lacks FieldRoutes’ robust list of features and ability to integrate with other third-party software.

Platform #7: PestBoss

PestBoss is a Canadian business management application for pest control companies. The mobile app provides customer and account management options, mapping, and in-field barcode scanning for chemical usage.

Reference Image

Image Source: PestBoss

Its system allows users to manage its chemical inventories by creating real-time service call reports and devising detailed profiles tailored to customer needs. 

Downsides to consider

Information on PestBoss is extremely limited, demonstrated by a Capterra rating based on a single review. 

Top Features

  • Product management: Administer materials and supplier information with tools sortable by name, location, and other data.

  • Online portal: Give customers access to see what chemicals and pesticides are being applied to their properties. 

  • Job tracking: Know when, where, and how much is used at each location.

  • Real-time reporting: Update inventory levels as technicians enter chemical usage.


Access to PestBoss starts at $59 per month for a single user. A slider on the company website indicates costs for additional users.

How Does PestBoss Compare to FieldRoutes?

PestBoss remains an industry unknown for now, lacking the track record and credibility of a company like FieldRoutes. 

Platform #8: SkyBoss

SkyBoss is a cloud-based mobile software system that provides service businesses real-time field management options. It’s designed primarily for the plumbing, electrical, and HVAC industries, and pest control.

Reference Image

Image Source: SkyBoss

Its chemical tracking is an add-on feature that calculates usage based on technician input and records what pesticides are used in the field.

Downsides to consider

Because SkyBoss’ system does not explicitly cater to pest control businesses, some features must be customized for optimal use. Also, users report the system does not work with Android phones.

Top Features

  • Real-time data: See up-to-date inventory totals as jobs are completed in the field.

  • Job tracking: Get reports based on location, dates, and chemicals used.

  • Repeat tasks: Access similar jobs and create reports with the push of a button.

  • Invoicing: Build customized invoices based on materials and equipment used.


SkyBoss is $149 per month per technician. There is no charge for office users.

How Does SkyBoss Compare to FieldRoutes?

The SkyBoss design reflects a wide target audience for its services. It takes some tinkering to customize SkyBoss to the specific needs of pest control companies and their field technicians. FieldRoutes’ specificity to the pest control industry remains superior. 

Looking for Pest Control Software with Pesticide Usage Tracking?

When looking for ways to utilize the latest technology and optimize your commercial pest control business, selecting a system that streamlines all operations into one optimized portal is critical. On that scale, FieldRoutes rates the best for its ease of use and complete CRM capabilities.

This pest control software solution connects inventory management, work orders, pesticide usage tracking, stock allocation, credit card online payment processing, and its customer portal to help businesses improve customer satisfaction and boost profit potential. Whether you operate a small business or a large, multi-site operation, don’t send your pest control technicians out in the field without the right tools and equipment.

Contact FieldRoutes for a free demo today!

Christopher Fasano
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