Commercial Pest Control Services : The Importance Of Commercial Pest Control

If you’ve been paying attention to what’s going on in New Orleans and Seattle, then you know that commercial pest control services are more important than ever right now. (And if you haven’t, you can read about it here and here.

According to the NPMA, “There is a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to the presence of pests in commercial facilities such as schools, offices, hospitals, and food processing plants. Unfortunately, the potential for infestations in commercial environments is great due to increased harborage areas and the presence of food and water. Even though pests and rodents are small, their effect on your business’ bottom line can be enormous. Just one pest-related incident can lead to potential fines from state and federal inspection agencies, and a tarnished reputation among your current and prospective customers. Another concern is the fact that pests can pose serious risks to the health and safety of your employees.” We’re already dealing with one pandemic; we certainly don’t want to start another one.

Why Is Commercial Pest Control Important?

Commercial property pest control continues to be an integral part of business maintenance. Commercial pest treatment is vital to organizations for several reasons, including tighter regulations and a more competitive business landscape.

Companies today know they need everything to be just right if they’re going to become the number one brand in their area. And they’re correct. Customers expect quality services handled professionally, and health, safety, and impeccable hygiene are part of that equation.

According to Berkshire Hathaway, commercial pest removal is expected to surpass $28 billion in 2027.

Anyone who operates a business in rodent control, termite removal, or bed bug extermination has a tremendous opportunity to succeed. However, the growth inherent in commercial pest control also presents new challenges for business owners.

You need to consider how you will become the number one commercial exterminator in your neighborhood, whether you specialize in termite control or mosquito removal.

Good business management is crucial for any company looking to take advantage of the opportunities within the pest management industry. And that requires a wholesale examination of how you will streamline your processes, achieve peak efficiency, and attract more customers.

The Need For Comprehensive Commercial Pest Control Management

Whether you service commercial or residential sectors, you play a vital role that is always in demand. A down economy is no threat to a commercial pest service because there is a zero-tolerance policy on rats, bugs, and other pests within homes and businesses.

Regardless of how bad the economy is, your recession-proof business has what it takes to succeed if it can win and retain commercial clients in your town.

In anticipation of the commercial pest boom, you need to consider whether you are managing your business in a way that will give you maximum exposure to rapidly rising profit margins.

Here are some examples of how you can improve how you manage your commercial pest control operation.

Streamline Your Services

A commercial pest exterminator must be aware of the steps needed to allow a business or public facility to meet public health standards. Commercial pest extermination is not just about removing a bug or mosquito control. Ensuring compliance with the law is also essential.

Streamline your services to remove inefficiencies and confusion. Your staff and customers should be aware of every step required in order to be compliant with public health standards.

Try bundling your services into packages and create transparent contracts that detail exactly what you provide to your customers.

Remember, your clients are looking for results, not complications. Give them out-of-the-box solutions that allow them to get the pest control services they need.

Make your offerings simple to understand and easy to order. These are the selling points that make a good pest control service great.

Retain High-Paying Customers

Customers who commit to you through long-term contracts should be prized since they are the ones that make up the majority of your revenues. Each one would be a devastating loss to your bottom line if they switched to a competitor. This goes for both commercial and residential customers alike.

Implement customer retention strategies to encourage your high-paying customers to stick with you. Some of the strategies your management team could use include:

  • Addressing your existing customers’ pain points
  • Creating relationships with your customers by initiating personal dialogues
  • Making feedback a simple process
  • Offering special discounts for long-term customers
  • Training your team to identify problems and deliver reinforcement

Effective customer retention strategies within the commercial pest control business require a whole team effort to make it happen.

Straightforward Account Management

Commercial clients want to get a bill, pay it, and move on. If you have streamlined your services to provide out-of-the-box pest control solutions, you must simplify how accounts are managed.

Straightforward account management means giving clients multiple ways to pay, fast points of contact, and a central point where they can manage their existing contracts.

Online platforms like FieldRoutes enable you to streamline the customer experience by providing an online portal that your customers can access any time to manage their account and make payments. Harnessing the power of technology now will pay dividends in the long term.

Develop Your Brand’s Unique Voice

Your brand is the one thing unique to you. Other commercial pest control services may offer the same services, but your story allows you to stand out from the crowd.

Contrary to what many entrepreneurs believe, your voice and your branding are not exclusive to the online marketing arena. It is communicated in everything you do from the name on the side of your truck to the general demeanor of your employees in the field.

Engage your team and ensure everyone knows how to communicate your brand’s values, whether in the field or on the phone.

Slash Costs, Improve Efficiency, And Give Better Service With Technology

Commercial pest control is the ideal opportunity to implement brand-new technology in the field. Incorporating better route optimization technology is an excellent way to cut your transportation costs, get to each job faster, and ensure everyone is precisely where they need to be.

It is one example of how technologies like artificial intelligence can be brought into the industry and used to provide a better standard of service within pest control and other field service businesses.

Opting for a digital-only approach can make you more agile than the competition. It can also allow you to stay more organized. It all results in superior efficiency, which your clients will notice and is a significant selling point.

Enhance Your Business with FieldRoutes’ Commercial Pest Control Management Software

Digital is the way forward for commercial pest control services everywhere. The massive growth in the industry now and in the future will only increase competition on the commercial side of the business.

Squash the competition with your secret weapon, FieldRoutes. Our commercial management software for pest control businesses makes it easier than ever to go digital and manage your business.

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