Close the Deal with New Customers

Even when a potential pest control customer seems like they’re on board with receiving your services, are they really on board if they haven’t signed an agreement? Of course not. Make sure you must have a plan in place to make sure the people who inquire about your services become actual customers.

You want your customer conversion rate to be as high as possible, which is why it’s important to pay just as much attention to the steps you take after they ask about your services as you did to make them aware of you in the first place.

This framework can assist you in creating a plan that will increase the number of potential customers who actually sign up for services.

Start with Your Office Staff

The person who answers the phone is the first customer contact. These front-line employees need to be able to speak about the benefits of rapid treatment and services and address what happens if they decide not to move forward. Friendly, direct, and engaging, yet nudging them towards the next steps. Create sales cheat sheets, leverage online resources (like the PestRoutes portal), and reward them for converting a prospect into a paying customer.

Make the Signup Process Easy

When customers are ready to make the commitment, make it easy. Digital agreements are a fast and frictionless way to get a new customer setup from the field or via phone. You also should look into a self-sign-up option for your pest control website. When you make it easy to do business with you, potential customers won’t feel the need to see if working with your competitors is less of a hassle.

Provide Convenience

Customers want convenience. From remembering a password with your fingerprint to paying for services online. Having a branded customer portal is a cost-effective and personal way to provide convenience for your customers. Automating reminders, sending invoices, proactively scheduling services, and giving customers the freedom to pay for services online shows you respect their time and their business. “Set it and forget.”

Trust Your Technicians

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again, your technicians are the front lines of your company, the majority of customer interactions happen when they deliver service. So, making a great first impression matters. You took the time to hire the best, not it’s time to trust them to represent your company. Give them the tools they need to sell your services from the field, deliver contracts from a mobile phone or tablet, and set up autopay. Every extra minute spent with a customer is an extra minute invested in building and keeping your customers.

Follow Up and Follow Through

Once the contract is signed, and the first services are delivered take the initiative to follow up with them. Address questions and ask them to rate and review services and the tech who delivered them. Existing customers love to see their ratings online, and those ratings and reviews help you attract new customers.

By nurturing a potential customer and carrying this throughout their first experience, the next conversion you’re bound to make is the one from a one-time customer to a long-term and loyal one.

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