$5.8 Million In The Twinkle Of A Bulb

When his father became too ill to work, the Young brothers took over the family pest control business in Houston and soon opened two new branches in Dallas and Corpus Christi. Five years later, they elected to dissolve their partnership and sold the main office in Houston. Scott Young took over the Dallas location and grew it to include offices in Austin and San Antonio. He sold the pest control business in 2018 to focus on the holiday lights business.

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United to Beat Malaria: Tangible Business Benefits

We know. You read the subject line above and thought, “Supporting a cause is great and all, but who has the time? I have a business to run, sales to make, and employees to hire and retain.” Well, you might be surprised to learn that supporting United to Beat Malaria can help improve your sales, assist with recruitment, and improve employee retention. Kidwell, who lives at the intersection of family, partnerships, and pancakes, introduced you to the United to Beat Malaria organization, discussed how a partnership with the group can benefit your field services company, and how your support will provide those at risk with insecticide-treated bed nets, indoor residual spraying, and more.

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Improve Productivity and Increase Sales with Integrated Voice Solutions

Running a field service business is hard work. But what if it could be easier? What if you could maximize your ability to capture new business, access call recordings for verification or training purposes, increase employee productivity and efficiency while reducing costs, and provide a better customer experience, greet by name rather than account number or address? During this broadcast, Kidwell reviewed what an internet phone system is and the common features associated with using them, the specific advantages associated with connecting your business management software to them, and the extensive remote capabilities these solutions have.

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The Cost Of Inflation And Learning to Make Your Business Thrive

Did you know that it takes a 10-15% profit just to survive in the field service industry and 15-20% or more to do well? Or that recent research has shown many businesses in our industry earn less than a 10% profit and many of those are not profitable at all? This industry offers so much potential; don’t let your business be a statistic. Our latest webinar, The Cost of Inflation And Learning To Make Your Business Thrive, is presented by Christeen Era, co-founder of Green Profit Academy. In the second of our two-part series, Era reviews the basics of nurturing profitable growth, tips for avoiding the survival trap, and the core principles of creating predictable profit in your business. Learn to beat the odds.

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The Scalable Growth Business Model: Grow Your Business While Maximizing Your Profit

Many owners of field service businesses believe that their hard work and expertise will guarantee success. Unfortunately, technical knowledge alone doesn’t generate profit and owners often struggle to stay afloat and turn even a tiny profit. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

SEO Image | Techs and Trucks: Protecting Your Biggest Assets

Techs and Trucks: Protecting Your Biggest Assets

If you run a business in the field service industry, you know that acquiring, retaining technicians and securing the work trucks needed to service your jobs is a challenge. Unfortunately, skyrocketing prices and supply chain issues associated with the pandemic are only exacerbating the problem. Watch our partner Matt Curtis, Director of Partnerships at Azuga, introduce tools to improve driving behavior that will in turn reduce vehicle wear and tear and fuel expenditure, thus boosting your bottom line.

Automate your AR and Completely Change Your Bottom Line | FieldRoutes

Automate your AR and Completely Change Your Bottom Line

Does the entire idea of collections make your head hurt? Does getting home in time for dinner sound a lot more appealing than spending your evening sorting through delinquent accounts? Well, you’re not alone. Watch as Andrea Dahlgren, the senior vice president of business development at A.R.M. Solutions, presents Automate Your A/R And Completely Change Your Bottom Line.

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