Use Effective CTAs to Convert Your Leads

An effective call to action can make all the difference between gaining and losing a customer. Here are some tips to help you develop successful CTAs.

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You know what you want your website visitors to do, but you also have to make sure you’re prompting them to do so. A compelling call to action (CTA) should be on every message, webpage, email, and piece of marketing collateral you have. What is a CTA? A CTA is a simple prompt for your potential customers to take a specific action. For example, “Sign up today!”, “Buy now!”, or “Subscribe.” If you’re on the fence about adding CTAs to your communication, check out these statistics: 

  • Emails with a single CTA increased clicks by 371% and sales by 1,617%. 
  • Adding CTAs to your Facebook page can increase your click-through rate by 285%. 
  • It’s estimated that CTAs will be read by 90% of people who look at a website. 

An effective call to action can make all the difference between gaining and losing a customer. Here are some tips to help you develop successful CTAs:

  1. Be Specific: Tell your audience exactly what their action will result in. Will they be scheduling a service? Will they receive a special discount? Will they be connected to someone who can immediately answer their questions?
  2. Free Is Good: Free can be irresistible. You downloaded this tips sheet, didn’t you? Think about whether there is something you can offer for free, such as a downloadable video or a free service.
  3. Track Responses: Directing users to call a specific phone number or a unique landing page will allow you to easily monitor how well your CTAs are working and improve your ability to tweak your approach.
  4. Keep It Simple: Have only one call to action per collateral piece. Don’t clutter it up with too much explanatory language.
  5. Use Active Language: Use active language to direct them to schedule, buy, register, and subscribe.
  6. Make It Personal: Use phrases like “Get My Free Inspection” instead of “Get Your Free Inspection.” Personalization has been proven to affect the likelihood that a user will follow through.
  7. Use The Crowd: Place social proof, such as testimonials and customer reviews, near your call to action. People are more likely to follow suit if it looks like other people are satisfied with the results.
  8. Make It Visible: Don’t bury your CTA in the copy. A brightly colored box, image, or another graphic element can help your call to action stand out. Be sure to position it somewhere that will quickly be seen and set it apart with white space.

In the end, a good CTA will drive your users to take action, increase conversion rates, and improve your click-through rate, which will generate more leads for your field service business.

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