Time To Break Up With Your Software Provider? 5 Questions To Ask

“What have you done for me lately?” is a question more business owners need to ask more often.

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You have to keep tabs on the people who have been with you as your business has grown, and make sure you’re not being overlooked or taken advantage of. And if things are too out of balance, it might be time to make a clean break and look for better options. Here are some valuable tips or questions to keep in mind when deciding if you’re getting all you should out of the business relationship with your field service software provider.

1. Does This Cost Too Much?

Maybe basic services suddenly become segmented and are only offered at a higher price tier, or unexpected charges keep appearing on every invoice you open. Don’t let yourself get mysteriously nickel-and-dimed out of profitability by a company that promised it would help improve your bottom line.

2. Are The Features Still Exciting And Up To Date?

What was a flashy and amazing new functionality a year or two ago might start collecting digital cobwebs fast if it doesn’t serve your business well or hasn’t been properly managed by the vendor. You should see continual improvements and innovation in what you’re being offered to help your business flourish, rather than just another service with an upsell price attached.

3. Do They Make Your Life Easier?

As companies grow it becomes harder to keep everything running as easily and efficiently as in the early days. You need software that flows naturally with your business, without dealing with a growing obstacle course of workarounds, patches, and fixes. If the thought of opening an application brings a wince or a grimace, then it’s time to look for better options.

4. Are You In Control?

When it’s time to find another software provider it can be difficult to sever ties, especially if the old provider tries to retain control of your data. Look for clear language in your agreement that gives you full control over your company’s data, so you have the power to take it with you without paying severe penalties.

5. Playing Guessing Games?

There’s a honeymoon phase in business partnerships, just like in romantic relationships. Early on you were being swept off your feet with great service and performance. Maybe now your needs are being ignored, issues are taking longer to solve, and it seems like everything is your fault. You deserve to have the best responsiveness at all times, and you shouldn’t have to pay extra for support. Outward actions begin with what is taking place on the inside, and it’s the mind that is directing everything. A mindset shift from selling to educating will drive technician behavior as well, and in turn, your sales.

If any of these questions hit home and describe a business reality you’re dealing with, then it’s time to make a move. Contact FieldRoutes today to learn more about how we’ll be the best partner for your business’ growth.

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