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Sep 21, 2021
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Digital marketing is critical to the success of a business in today’s world. Between computers, tablets, and phones, people spend a good portion of their day online. According to a survey, 89% of Americans check email at least once a day, 27.6% check at least one to five times a day, and 20.9% check more than five times a day.

Companies cannot afford to ignore email marketing. They must capitalize on it. But like other verticals in digital marketing, the best way to be effective is to have a strategy. Follow these tips, and your field service business will be equipped with the knowledge to send emails that win.

1.Grab Their Attention

Creating a strong connection between your field service business and your audience starts with a strong first impression. In terms of email marketing, the first impression is your subject line. A strong subject line should grab your readers’ attention, provide enough information so they at least know what the email is about, and spark enough curiosity that your reader feels compelled to open and read your message.

2.Establish A Connection

If you’re looking to connect with someone, the most effective way to do that is by getting personal. For an email campaign, that equates to personalization. When you communicate directly with your reader rather than addressing the general audience as a whole, you foster trust in the relationship. For example, when someone uses your name, the natural assumption is that they know you. As a result, you’re naturally more open to what they say and even suggest. You’re more likely to let your guard down in interactions with people you trust. The goal is to create the same type of trusting environment with your audience.

3.Engage Through Education

It’s important to continue to nurture the relationship with your audience beyond the initial introduction if you want to move them through the sales funnel. When you provide value in your content, your readers will want to stick around for more. Valuable content is educational information that can be put to use. After reading your email, your audience should leave with something that they didn’t have prior. Visuals, pictures, videos, and links to other resources will keep your readers interested as they engage with your content across their various devices.

Sharing content that presents problems and solutions like treatment options and new processes that demonstrate cutting-edge innovation educates your readers and keeps them engaged and loyal to your company, services, and brand.

4.Promote And Serve

The whole point of sending an email is to share information. Sometimes the value of that information is that your company has a service or product that can solve a problem for your audience.

However, your audience will never know this if you don’t do some promotion.

Promotional emails can create a mutually beneficial relationship between your business and your customers—brand recognition for your business and a feeling of importance and exclusivity for your customers. Between communicating special offers, advertising products and services exclusive to a customer segment, and introducing new products, the fear of missing out in your customers’ minds will be real and will lead them to follow your calls to action.

Use these tips to guide you in creating a strategy for your field service company that will attract the right attention, connect with your readers, keep them engaged, and most importantly—win their business.

FieldRoutes, a ServiceTitan Company, knows marketing and the field service industry. That includes your business and your audience. Our team of experts will take the time to create a marketing strategy tailored to your specific needs to help you reach your unique goals.

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