How To Hire, Reward, And Retain The Talent Your Business Deserves

The big question is how to get the employees your business needs and deserves. This Tip Sheet will look at steps you can take to hire, reward, and retain employees in this challenging climate.

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A recent PCT poll showed that 50% of pest control companies feel that the labor shortage greatly impacts their business. Since the pandemic began, there have been notable shifts in the labor force. The lack of workers is a growing concern for many business owners, especially those in the trades. While many employees quitting their jobs had negative impacts for some, it’s crucial to consider that hiring rates have outpaced quit rates, according to Fortune magazine. The big question is how to get the employees your business needs and deserves. This Tip Sheet will look at steps you can take to hire, reward, and retain employees in this challenging climate.

Hire Outside Of The Box 

When it comes to hiring the talent you need, the routes that have always worked in the past may not be working anymore. Assess the avenues open to you in your community, particularly those less well-trodden. Women are an underrepresented but growing group in the lawn and pest industries; their participation in the labor force benefits the company and the community they serve. 

Another talent pool you may not have considered previously is students. A promising career in pest management or lawn care can look very promising to a student worried about incurring a lifetime of student debt. Attend career fairs, educate students about a career with growth opportunities, implement a short training period, offer paid on-the-job training, and tap into their potential.

Offer Benefits Beyond Compensation 

In an era of recession, increased compensation might seem like an impossible expense for your business right now. But don’t forget that salary isn’t the only thing employees look for in a job. In fact, research shows that millennials place high importance on other aspects of work, such as flexibility and perks, to achieve the ideal work-life balance. Evaluate whether your business could offer benefits such as more vacation time to make your workplace more attractive to prospective hires. 

Wellness programs can also be a low-cost way to introduce valuable benefits to your employees. Launch a simple survey amongst staff to find out what wellness activities they would appreciate and look to partner with a provider.

Make Rewards Part Of Business 

Psychologists have been telling us for decades that recognition works. Sometimes a simple thank you from the right person can not only elevate a person’s day but even make them happier and more motivated at work in general. Building a reward system in your company is a great way to promote retention. Tying the recognition you give to your company values will also help promote the behavior you want to encourage. 

In a business like yours, where many of your staff will be customer-facing, make sure you include your customers’ recognition in your plan. If you’re a FieldRoutes customer, the Tech Tipping feature can help facilitate your customers’ appreciation for your technicians. Technology like this helps your staff feel more valued and lets you keep track of your customers’ gratitude for your best-performing team members.

Build A Strong Company Culture 

Nowadays, strong company culture is a must for a business of any size. Ensuring your company is a place where employees feel comfortable and relaxed will positively impact retention. Involve staff in the process of constructing and maintaining a solid culture. You can achieve this by holding all-company meetings to help ensure that each employee feels involved and valued. Frequent and transparent feedback also helps build trust and, therefore, loyalty amongst staff. When you use software to manage daily processes, it frees up bandwidth, meaning your employees can spend their time adding value to your business and its culture. 

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