Forgotten Avenues Of Marketing

To develop an effective marketing strategy, your business needs to think outside of the technological box. Reimagining some old-school marketing techniques in our modern world can help you enhance your reputation and increase your business. 

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The saying goes that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. However, it is possible to take old concepts and give them new life. In fact, it’s very necessary for the benefit of your business. To develop an effective marketing strategy, your business needs to think outside of the technological box. Reimagining some old-school marketing techniques in our modern world can help you enhance your reputation and increase your business. Check the following items off your list, and you’ll be well on your way:


As people move through the physical world, you want to be seen, recognized, and remembered by them. Creating a sign that makes you visible will impact your business. A well-crafted sign considers how the overall design will attract the right kind of attention. Certain colors elicit emotions, and thoughtful use of space will appeal to your target audience. The point is for your signs to be seen so that your customers recognize your brand. 


Think of billboards as your signs amplified. They are a way to advertise your business to people on the go. Whether it be car, bicycle, going for a walk, or public transportation—the size of your billboard allows you to promote your products and services while being a part of your audience’s journey. 

Radio Advertising 

Radio is so much more than what it used to be. Besides the basic AM and FM stations that people listen to in their cars, there’s satellite radio, podcasts, and online radio opportunities as well. Each of these provides space for your business to advertise consistently as listeners consume audio content. 

Promotional Swag

 If you want your brand to be seen and recognized, you have to put it out there. Adding your logo to bags, clothing, mugs, or other items is a win for you and the people wearing your brand. While they get to wear and experience cool new items, your employees and consumers also provide your business with free advertising. Incentives Sometimes, it’s as simple as giving people the reason and motivation to take action. 


such as free quotes or inspections, buy one get one free offers, discount coupons, seasonal deals, and loyalty cards all can encourage potential customers to take action and buy your products or services. You can share these incentives through postcards, flyers, and online content as well.


When you want to advertise your local company, flyers are a great option. They are relatively inexpensive to show your brand and give out promotional material to current and potential customers. 

Business Cards 

Creating and giving out business cards is a natural way to promote your brand and share your contact information. Yes, there are multiple digital ways to share this information, but certain individuals value the ability to hold a card in their hand and save it for later reference. 

Snail Mail 

While traditional USPS mail may be slower and more expensive than email, taking the time and effort to physically send mail still has its place. You can communicate about your services and offer coupons or deals via direct mail that allow your client base to see your brand and respond to you. This is the place to do what you can’t do by email. Take advantage of the 5.3% response rate. Create more permanent or memorable fixtures in the household to keep your brand accessible to your client all of the time. Magnets, holiday promotions, and other tangible items keep your brand in the present beyond what an email can do.

Product Demonstration 

This is a way to interact with potential customers and show them how your products and services work. You’ll be able to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise while addressing any questions or concerns. When potential customers are brought into the experience before committing to buy, they can see for themselves that your products and services truly work. 


You may not think of reputation as a marketing strategy, but it may be the most important. On your part, a positive reputation is about being trustworthy, helpful, and having the customer’s needs and well-being in mind. The only way to do this is to meet the customer wherever they are. Whether it’s a face-to-face conversation, a phone call, a social medial blast, a flyer in the mail, or an email, each of your potential customers has preferences on how to best communicate with them. As a result, a comprehensive marketing strategy is of great importance. 

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