Decision Time: Choose The Right Field Service Mobile App For Success

Jan 10, 2022
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Decision Time: Choose The Right Field Service Mobile App For Success Image
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Having reliable software and smart in-office technology in place is a great start to getting your field service business on the path to success. But it won’t be nearly as effective as you’re hoping if you don’t have it connected to intuitive mobile apps for your employees in the field. 

Technicians and sales professionals can get a lot more done if they have the right tools for the job. This Checklist can help you ask the right questions when you’re looking for a mobile solution to help your business become more productive, efficient, and profitable.

How Does This Integrate With My Business Management Software?

Any apps you use should be fully integrated with your business management software. Ask the app developer to show you proven success on integration with the platforms you use. The systems should communicate seamlessly with each other and allow for things like easy reporting and rapid communication.

How Will This Save Me Time And Money?

A mobile app won’t be worth anything to your business in the long run if it doesn’t have strong efficiencies built in. Look for something that shaves time off the regular duties of its users. This can include features such as instant updates, smart routing, and digitized paperwork.

What Devices Are Supported?

If the app you’re eyeing only supports iOS or Android, you’re in for a painful transition. Ask early what devices are supported and how many users already are on your preferred platform. You’re looking for a track record of successful use by real customers.

How Easy Is It To Use?

One of the reasons mobile apps have become so popular in business is how ridiculously easy they are to use. Get a demo of any app you are considering and take it for a test drive yourself. It should be clean, clear, and easy to use. If it’s clunky or difficult to navigate, keep looking.

What Features Are Available Offline?

By the nature of the job, technicians will sometimes be in large buildings with lots of concrete or areas with spotty cell coverage. Make sure the essential elements are available even when offline. You don’t want to give your employees a tool that becomes useless the instant they’re out of range.

How Does This Support Sales Productivity?

Sales professionals need to be able to get to the potential customers with the highest likelihood of conversion, and they need to be prepared with tools to make the sign-up process as easy as possible. Ask how the app helps make this happen. What functionality will sales have at their fingertips to make their job easier to allow them to see more potential customers and seal more deals?

How Does This Support Technician Productivity?

Does the app eliminate paperwork, simplify communication, or provide detailed customer history information? Ask exactly how the use of the app will improve technician productivity and make sure your particular challenges, such as detailed reporting for customers, are addressed.

What Processes Does This Simplify?

Running a business means there are many time-consuming tasks we must handle every day. Find out what the app will simplify and how its use will translate into more efficient office procedures. You should be able to experience less paperwork, less manual data entry, and more accurate reporting.

How Much Information Is Available On Individual Customers?

When technicians are on a service call, a complete customer history can be critical to getting the job done more effectively. Is the app giving access only to high-level summaries or are users able to drill down and view histories complete with home layout, chemicals used, and unusual hiccups that have occurred? Make sure your team has access to the information they need to do the job right.

How Secure Is It?

Data breaches are awful, and they happen all the time. Make sure any app you are considering has updated security features, including data protection and encrypted payments. You do not want your business information, or your customer data, to be visible, breached or stolen.

Can It Be Customized For My Business Needs?

We all have tasks that we may complete a little differently than our competitors. Ask how the mobile app can meet your individualized needs. Make sure all your priorities are addressed and included.

What Support Is Available?

Problems and confusion happen. It’s just the reality of technology. You need to be sure you will have someone working by your side when issues occur. Get a complete detailing of exactly how your provider handles problems and how you can contact them for help if you ever need it.

Commit to the right mobile solution. Do your homework to ensure your field service software provider has everything you need to grow and succeed so your business is set to increase productivity, revenue, and market share.

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