10 Tips To Navigate The Do’s And Don’ts Of E-Commerce

E-commerce offers field service businesses the opportunity to boost revenue. However, making it work for you means managing a number of variables for service-based companies. Getting it wrong can be costly. We put together 10 tips to identify the do’s and don’ts of managing e-commerce.

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E-commerce offers field service businesses the opportunity to boost revenue. However, making it work for you means managing a number of variables for service-based companies. Getting it wrong can be costly. We put together 10 handy tips to identify the do’s and don’ts of managing e-commerce for your field service business to help you get it right


Store customers’ data securely and make it easy for them to access it. 

Make it easy for your customers to pay for services by implementing a customer portal that allows them to store their information on your website easily. Online payments give your customers the hassle-free convenience they’re already experiencing with other merchants. 

Let the experts manage your setup. 

It might be fairly straightforward to create an e-commerce functionality for a website that sells products, but when it comes to selling your services, it’s a more complex process. Since service-based companies will often offer reoccurring services, your setup needs to be robust enough to manage these kinds of sales. Let the FieldRoutes™ Marketing Suite experts help you unlock your website’s fullest potential.

Be transparent on the pricing and scope of the services you offer. 

Provide customers with key information about the services they are interested in. This includes basic pricing, as appropriate, as well as information about the details of the service, for example, what pest or lawn services you’re targeting and any follow-up checks included. 

Fine-tune your offerings. 

Tinker with the number of service offerings that fit your business. Find the balance between offering value to customers without overwhelming them. Also, consider implementing good, better, best addon services to increase your profit margins. With FieldRoutes e-commerce solution, it’s easy to make real-time updates so you can experiment with finding the right product mix that works for you. 

Maximize lead potential and earn $$$’s on the ones you can’t service. 

Share leads you can’t service with companies who can and earn money on them. Programs like the FieldRoutes™ Affiliate Network are an opportunity to make money on leads without carrying out a service. When a service request comes through for a service you don’t provide or in an area out of your reach, you can pass them on to a participating company and keep a percentage of the charge. Now that’s what they call easy money.


Let slow response times cost you business. 

A common mistake when it comes to e-commerce is to think that the process ends and begins on your website. Even though customers conduct research about services they need online, they might want to connect with your company over the phone and get that human touch. Remember that customers will expect a quick response, don’t neglect the phone lines altogether.

Make it difficult for customers to find the service they need.

It can be tempting to offer a lot of details about all the fantastic things your service can offer customers, but it’s important not to overwhelm them. Ensuring that the information about your services is easy to digest is an essential part of successful communication with your customers. A good rule of thumb is to outline the right options, not all the options. 

Drop the ball on security. 

Nobody is a stranger to the dangers of buying online. Not only does your website need to be secure, but it needs to be seen to be secure by your customers. There are a number of security measures you can take to ensure their experience is a positive one and reduce your liability. Ensure you keep customer information safe with payment gateway security or secure sockets layer (SSL) certificates.

Forget the importance of social proof. 

You can shout about how great your services are, but nothing drives the message home like sharing authentic, positive customer experiences. Asking happy customers to provide testimonials about their experience with your services is a great place to start, but don’t forget to get their permission to share these on your website and social media. 

Look unprofessional. 

Image is everything. Making sure that your e-commerce process looks the part is as important as getting the setup right. Getting a professional to work on this is the best way forward. From creating consistent branding to ensuring the user experience is streamlined, someone with experience is your best bet when it comes to making you look professional.

E-commerce holds a lot of potential for field service businesses. Make sure you’re getting the most out of selling your services online by accessing the technology you need to achieve success. If you have any questions about what your business needs to get e-commerce right, give us a call.

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